Monday, September 15, 2014

My Day In A Nutshell - 30 Day Challenge Day 6 & 7 - Want To See My Package?

Days 5 & 6 of my 30 Day Challenge were a success!  If you haven't started the challenge then click the link and get started.  Every day is a new opportunity to improve your life.

Every other Sunday is technically supposed to be my day off, but it never REALLY works out that way.  I filmed and edited a video for today (my Birthday Haul).  I also am completely done with my Christmas shopping aside from a few odds and ends that you can't ever really get until the holiday shopping season is in full swing.    I even squeezed in a little Bengals Football and BW3 spicy garlic wing sauce because I do have to eat at least once in a day.  I stayed up late to do the bits and bobs that I normally have been doing in the morning.  I'm a night person and I'm experimenting with just doing that stuff at night after work and sleeping later into the morning since that is what comes naturally to me anyhow.  So I started my laundry at about 1:00 AM (whites in warm water) and flip flopped my day by turning my morning chores into my... well... into my MORNING chores.

Today I started at about 9:00 AM and filmed another video.  It seems a bit strange starting my day backwards.  It's harder to sort out what I'm going to tell you about when a lot of it I won't even be getting to until later.  I did get an unexpected package in the mail which is always exciting.  I guess I should say I knew I was getting it, but had kind of forgotten about it because so much time has passed since I was notified, but it finally showed up and was more awesome than I expected.  I'll be posting pictures on my social media so make sure you follow me there to see.  I'll give you a hint...

Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...

I have other blogs that I write along with this one, so I had some work to do for one of those.  I'd refer you to it, but it is more of a local thing and wouldn't be very relevant for most of my Originalslushey readers.

I decided to watch I'm Fine, Thanks.  It's a "documentary" about a guy who wanted to leave his work life and chase his dream of being a filmmaker that I heard about from a podcast I listened to.  It tells the story of individuals who found themselves on a path in life that made them dead inside.  It's meant to inspire people to go after the dreams they buried in order to be responsible or at least to show how people that feel stuck and unfulfilled got there and how they are everywhere.  You might be one of those people.  The most important part that you should not miss before you make some drastic decision is when he explains how he had access to an entire team of people who were already successfully established in all of the fields that he needed in order to make his adventure successful.  Most of us don't have that.

What makes me curious is why did we not hear these stories from generations before us?  Were they just happier in life than we are or were our expectations set too high from the start?  Has life gotten harder?  Maybe.  It certainly isn't getting any more simple.  Are we expected to do more in all facets of life than they were?  I wish my grandparents were still alive to ask that question of.  Maybe the pressure to be happy is just higher.  How would that be for irony?  I don't know what the answer is, but I know the more simple my life is the happier I tend to feel.  Don't get me wrong, I have big dreams but there are things I enjoy doing and I make time to do some of them even when there are some that I can't do now for one reason or another.  I enjoy doing some things methodically.  It's how I found this film and from this film I will jot down some notes and find some other things to watch or learn from.  I take a little something from everything I interact with even though I won't be taking any hugely drastic steps to turn my life completely upside down.  Some people might tell you that I've already been there done that and am doing it right now.  Anyway, I will watch it once for effect and then I will watch it again soon in order to jot down a few notes for future methodical activities.  I already have an intrinsic focus on improving life every single day just one day at a time and doing the little things keeps anxieties from life pressures at arms length.  (Yes.  That is a reference to the 30 Day Challenge.  If you haven't started it yet what are you waiting for?  I want you to tell me in the comments.)  It is ironic though that the creator of this documentary is also from Ohio.  Maybe the struggle for people in Ohio is legit.  I believe location can sometimes matter.  Anyway if you don't want to watch the video for free with ads you can pay for it for $5.  No I'm not affiliated, so it's just your choice.  

Well, that's enough for today,  I have laundry to do.  I'll see you on the flipside!

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