Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Day In A Nutshell

It should be no surprise to you by now that I suffered another sleepless night.  There are so many factors at play here that I hardly know where to begin.  First is my obvious curse of being a light sleeper.  In all actuality this is most likely a result of having been a female who has lived alone for so many years.  It is a primitive survival instinct most likely biologically programmed into me.  Self preservation at its best.  It also was quite hot and humid throughout the night making sleep uncomfortable.  I also am at least a solid week into what is continually progressing breast pain.  The older you get the more intense and drawn out the monthly hormone cycle becomes and every period you have is well earned and comes with a monumental buildup leading up to the big event.  These same hormones that cause me to wonder if I was smashed into a mammogram machine and forgotten there mid smash for a week also cause major disruptions in your daily rhythms.  This time to help me relax I turned to a 2 hour musical parade called Healing Harmony (Music for Meditation, relaxation, Yoga, healing, sleep, & spa) by Inner Peace.  

There is also a Volume 2 I just recently discovered which I immediately added to my iTunes list.  I went through it at least twice this morning.  It really is so calming that I enjoy it sleep or no.  I generally always find sleep with this track every time though.  Of course I was awake at 6:00 when the stupid Rumpke truck made its ground shaking rounds.  It was a few hours later I finally drifted off into a sleep that didn't offer any dreaming, but was at least deep enough that when I woke up at 10:45 (YIKES!) I felt like there had been some sleep even though I still could barely pry my eyes open.  The music combined with a rain that cut the heat and humidity and cooled the room just enough that breathing felt manageable did the trick and gave me a good hour and a half worth of zzzzzzzzzz's.

Waking up so late means my morning activities have to go by the wayside.  If I have the energy late at night I can play catch up, but the world will keep turning either way.  It isn't like I'm out of clean underwear and so if the laundry doesn't get done for a few days who really cares?  Laundry is not what makes life significant and sometimes you just have to know when something doesn't matter that much.  When I really need the underwear I will get it done.  

One thing I haven't talked about the past few days is the fact that every day of the week I pull out one new product to mix into my daily routine for the purpose of discussing and reviewing said products in a weekly YouTube video.  I haven't really gone into detail about this for the past few days, so I will give you a little sneak peek here.

Gloomy day = gloomy photo.  I'd love to spend a few hours setting up the perfect lighting and snapping a few hundred pictures to find the perfect one for you but then this blog would look something like this...

I spent hours and hours and hours setting up lighting and taking pictures and scouring through them to pick the best one and then photoshopped it until it was almost unrecognizable and here it is goodnight.

BORING!  I'd much rather live and share a lot more and not reduce the minds of my subscribers down to what would basically be the equivalent of a moth by assuming that they have no intelligence other than to be attracted to bright shiny photos.   Maybe one day I'll have so many subscribers that I can afford to hire someone to be in charge of just photos.  One can dream but until then...

Bonus points if you can name all three of those products!

I saw THE FUNNIEST VIDEO today thanks to my brother.  Do not watch this if you are some place that it would be inappropriate to laugh out loud like a library or a monastery or a funeral because you will not be able to control yourself.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

I also got my daily dose of cartoon watching in during my babysitting extravaganza.  (of course!)  We watched an episode of The Garfield Show called Underwater World and an episode of classic Scooby Doo called Haunted House Hangup (yes... I am already thinking about the holidays.  I just can't help myself.)  We also squeezed in an episode of Tom & Jerry called Curse Case Scenario and Say Cheese.  Go ahead and watch them.  We won't judge you.  Cartoons are AWESOME!

I got caught up on yesterday's and today's reading for the online book club I participate in which you should probably participate in too since you are reading this blog and I'm assuming you are because we have interests in common.

I've also decided if I can get one more subscriber to this blog... just one more... that's it... I will post the recipe for my teriyaki baked potato.  It will be up to you guys to find that one subscriber.  Have I mentioned lately that your life is not complete until you have had one of my teriyaki baked potatoes?  Wouldn't it be awful if you were living an incomplete life every day?  Yes... yes it would...

My television catch up session for the day was back to back episodes of Chelsea Lately.  I'll be sad at the end of the month when the show is gone for good.

That's enough for one day.  See you on the flip side!

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