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AVIVA Hair Revitalizer Advanced Hair Growth System - Review

This is a review of the AVIVA Hair Revitalizer Advanced Hair Growth System.

The information that was given to me is this, "Unlike other hair supplements, AVIVA uses a proprietary dual complex of Pentaplex HGF and Tetra HHL that works with your hair's natural cycle to stimulate healthy growth from within - up to 6mm beneath the scalp's surface - enriching and enhancing stronger, thicker and more beautiful-looking hair.  Even if you aren't experiencing any hair issues, Aviva can help make your hair even more beautiful and healthy!  Other beneficial ingredients include vitamin B5, folic acid, vitamin H (biotin), silica, iron, zinc, and iodine - all DRUG-FREE, all-natural, fish-free ingredients to help stabilize strong and healthy hair.  AVIVA provides the valuable nutrition that supports hair regeneration."

Pentaplex HGF = "A blend of botanical and nutraceutical ingredients purposed to support healthy hair growth."  HGF stands for Hair Growth factor in case you were wondering.

(Merriam-Webster's definition of the word nutraceutical = "a specially treated food, vitamin, mineral, herb, etc. that you eat or drink in order to improve your health."
Full definition = "a foodstuff (as a fortified food or dietary supplement) that provides health benefits in addition to its basic nutritional value."
Medical definition = a foodstuff (as a fortified food or dietary supplement) that is held to provide health or medical benefits in addition to its basic nutritional value - called also functional food"
If you don't believe me you can read it for yourself here.
It is a word that combines the words nutritive and pharmaceutical together kind of like "TomKat" or "Brangelina" or "Amazeballs" and showed up in our culture somewhere around the late 80's early 90's.  I've seen the date reported differently based on where you look so I will just stick with around the high school years of the early Generation X kids which includes me.)  
Makes it very clear that these are or aren't natural ingredients right?  NOT!  What I CAN tell you though is that if you are allergic to soy or glycerin, or bees (because of the beeswax) you will not be able to take these.  Also don't forget that products such as these are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration so use your best judgment before taking them which I will talk about more later.

Now back to what I was talking about before I went off on a definition tangent which is the other big words that are identified as what makes this product special.

Tetra HHL = "A combination of fatty acids and plant derived lipids that support healthy cell membranes and scalp, resulting in hair follicle retention."  HHL stands for Healthy Hair Lipid and I interpret the phrase "hair follicle retention" to mean the hair won't fall out.

Inside the box you get an information booklet giving more information on how the product works.  You get normal pill type foil packets of the supplement that look like this...

(Yes the pills are pink.  SCORE!)
You get 8 of these "sheets" and since you take two of these per day that gives you a total of 32 days worth of supplements.  Check out my math skills!  This means every month you have at least one day (in some months more than one) where you can accidentally drop your pills in the toilet or have them both roll under the refrigerator or whatnot and you will still have enough left to get through the entire month.  Just imagine how clumsy you can be during the month of February and get away with it!  BONUS!!!

The pills are about the same length as a quarter is across in case you were wondering.  Definitely not small but I've seen worse.

Now, you guys know that I have extremely thin fine hair that has gotten even more thin as I get older.   If you don't know then no worries.  It just means you are new and should subscribe to my blog so that you don't miss anything.  Go ahead and do it.  Right now.  Top right hand side of the page.  I'll wait.
  I've talked at length about my hair struggles and losing hair excessively and in patches and how the general health of the hair has changed over time.  If you've missed those conversations you can always go back to older posts here and videos on my YouTube channel at your leisure and catch up.  You should subscribe there too by the way.  Just sayin'.

Anyhow... I do already take a daily 65 mg Iron supplement which has helped immensely, but not only are there other factors involved besides just suffering from anemia, there are other nutritional deficiencies that I could still be plagued with that I'm not even aware of.  That is where I was hoping this would come in.  I feel very strongly that blatant injuries aside, pretty much everything that is wrong with you has something to do with what you are doing wrong from the inside.  Our food supply isn't even food anymore so between putting in poisons and not getting nutrition we have aches and pains and even mental issues like never before.  The chance to try something that focuses on starting from the inside is extremely appealing to me.

This is the part where things get difficult.  First of all I want to say always consult a professional before you start something like this particularly if you take medications of any sort.  We are all different and the idea that what is right for you can be decided based on "national averages" or any other person's experience in my opinion is a mistake.  I don't know about you, but I want decisions that affect me to be based on my needs and my needs alone and I could give a rats batooty if I do or don't fall into some range that has been labeled as "normal" or "abnormal" based on this ginormous curve that includes hordes and hordes of people that AREN'T me.  So consider that my disclaimer to you.  I'm not your doctor.  I only know me.  I don't know what is right for you and I am willing to be a guinea pig in some cases for everyone else's benefit.   Make your own decisions and consult the professionals around you that you trust and know your specific life scenario.

So there's that...

The second difficult part is that I'm actually supposed to post pictures of how my hair looked before and how it looked after so you can see the results.  I'm not even going to bother to do that.


Because of the third difficult part...  I didn't really see any results at all and even if I had my hair is so fine that unless those photographs were taken by a professional with some sort of microscope you wouldn't be able to see any differences anyway.  Mainly though I just didn't get results.

Now, before you decide that my lack of results means this product doesn't work stop and think for a moment.  I've already mentioned that I recently added an Iron supplement to my routine that was something that I was in extreme need of because I was very anemic.  Of course once I fixed that issue I went through a huge recovery period where the problems with my hair that were being caused by anemia were fixed.  I may still be suffering from other issues that could be affecting my hair that could include anything from hormonal changes to thyroid issues to other nutritional deficiencies to things that I could be consuming that are poisoning my system.  The possibilities are endless!  For me though the benefits that might come from taking AVIVA for someone else just didn't seem to have a major impact on me.  Maybe I have already maxed out my hair capabilities based on nutritional input alone and need to focus on making other fixes in other areas that I mentioned earlier or maybe this is the best I get and nothing else I do will make it any better.  Who knows?

To sum up all I can say is the only way you will know if this product will work for you is if you try it.  I did not have any noticeable adverse effects taking it although I was only given a two month supply (or 64 days worth provided you don't drop any down the sink for all you math nerds out there) and if there could be long term effects or not I really can't say.  I don't have anything bad to say about it and you know I would tell you if I did, so if you are interested in trying it just make the decision that feels right for you.

Oh!  And get a discount too because what would life be without a good discount now and then?

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