Monday, July 7, 2014

Kiss Everlasting French Manicure

 I was given the opportunity to try Kiss Everlasting French Manicure in the length Real Short through Influenster and was SUPER excited because I have heard great things about them and have always wanted to try them.  I never did because I have naturally long nails and was worried they would be too long for the manicure nails.

When you open the box the first two layers hold the Pink Gel Glue you use to adhere the nails and a layer of nails in sizes 2 through 10.

The next layer includes a Mini File, a Manicure Stick, and the remaining nails including additional sizes not shown in the initial layout.  You receive 28 nails in total.

Here is a closeup of a few of the nails so you can see the sizes printed on the Self-Tab and how beautiful the finish really is.  BTW...It is not recommended that you wear these for more than 7 days and they are only intended to be used once.  To remove the nails you are expected to trim and file the surface to break through the protective topcoat and then use a separate artificial nail remover or an acetone based polish remover to get them off which you will also need to purchase.  

Unfortunately, as you can see my suspicions were correct.  My natural nails are significantly longer than the manicure nails and I wasn't able to try them which means I can't tell you how long the wear time really is.  There might be a longer version that I could try in the future, but the "Real Short" length really is just too short for my needs.  This length will really only work if your nails just reach the tip of your finger or less.  I did find though that there were plenty of widths in the mix and it wouldn't be an issue to find nails to fit all ten of my fingers.

I've used plenty of Kiss products in the past and feel comfortable saying that if you are interested in trying their products you should.  As with any brand they do occasionally have a "miss" here and there, but all in all I've been very happy with the results I have had over the years.  I think you will be too. 

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