Monday, March 3, 2014

A Day In The Beauty Life

I have been using a sample of this product for about 2 weeks or so and OMG I'm in freaking LOVE!!!  Now, this product is not for my hair type... at all.  I received it because I indicated I have a bit of a wave to my hair which is true.  It is definitely for someone with much more coarse or curly hair than mine for sure.  It is extremely thick almost like a white paste that does not melt and soften as you rub it in your palms although you can't see it once it is on the hair.  It is also somewhere in between tacky and sticky feeling.  I had to kind of place it into my hair rather than smooth it through like you might normally do with a "cream" product.  It left my extremely long and baby fine hair feeling the way a pliable gel might which for someone with serious curl would hold each curl that you wound into shape in place perfectly without making it look crisp or wet and crunchy, and even though it isn't what I really need for my hair type I was still able to curl or straighten my hair without issue.  It is designed to be worked into the hair in sections from root to tip (which I didn't really do because I don't have enough hair to bother), is made with 100% shea butter, aloe vera, and coconut oil, and is supposed to provide intense moisture and strength for soft manageable curls while adding shine and healing dry damaged hair.  Can I just tell you how FANTASTIC this stuff smells?!?  It is like coconut mixed with fruit (but it's not pineapple which makes it a refreshingly new twist on a fruity coconut scent) and the scent lasts and lasts.  It has been FOREVER since the last time I've found a product that had fragrance that actually sticks with you and every time the freezing cold bitter wind would whip I'd get a nose full of this most incredible scent EVER.  I'd even catch myself holding my hair under my nose and sniffing while I was concentrating on work during the day (which I don't recommend doing in public unless you are completely ok with strange looks from people).  It is SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!  I'd really like to know what my friends with natural hair think of it.  The brand also offers Twist & Lock Gel, Activator Cream, Hair Lotion, Shine & Hold Mist, Co-Wash, and a Deep Treatment Masque.  I'm prepared to beg them to create a mousse so I can use these products on a regular basis the smell is that good.  I should also mention they have no mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, soilicone, phthalates, gluten, paraffin, propylene, PABA, or DEA.

Of course we have to talk about the Oscars for a moment.  My pick for best dressed?  Kristin Chenoweth for the win!

She looks beautiful every time I see her, but this look takes the cake!  I really don't think this Roberto Cavalli gown photographs well at all, but seeing her during her live interviews I swear was the closest thing to perfection I have ever seen.  When you find out that the gown is beaded (which doesn't show up on film) and then realize the metallic finish would be due to what is undoubtedly hand beading you realize that it is pure art you are seeing.  And can we just say for the millionth time how gorgeous she is with her short hair?  I'm so glad girls are giving up the extensions!  She looks 20 years younger this way!  That's hard to do on someone as pretty as she is.

While we are talking about television related topics I should also mention that I finally got caught up on the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries.  I'm always behind on my favorite shows!  It's mostly because I work when I should be watching instead.  Haha!  I'm not going to lie... this Damon stuff is getting a bit too gory for me.  I'm a wimp when it comes to the visuals.  I could live without them and still get the point.

While I watched I painted my nails for a photo challenge I need to do tomorrow as part of my leadership endeavors stemming from my Regional Makeup Maven/Avon Color Brand Ambassador status.  Do you know how hard it is to type this and let your nails dry at the same time?  I'm using my Avon Nail Experts Adhesive Base Coat

Stay tuned for photos of how the nails turned out.  I'm a lazy nail cleaner upper and prefer to peel the messy edges off the next day.  I find it strangely rewarding, kind of like peeling Elmer's glue off your hands as a kid.  (Come on.  You know you did it too.)

It has been quite a few days since my last post.  Last week was a very busy week for some unknown reason.  I want to catch you up a little bit since there is a lot you missed out on.  (Totally my fault.)  First of all, all last week I was using my Almay Intense Eye Palette for Blue Eyes.

To see swatches of the eye shadow and hear what I have to say about the mascara and see how both look on click here.  Just a few "shop my stash" items I decided to show some love to last week.  As much as I love new products I do not let my old products go to waste.

Well, that's about as much as I can fit into one day.  Don't forget to subscribe and then tell me in the comments below what your day of beauty looked like.

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