Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Day in the Beauty Life

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I've had a very busy couple of days.  Remind me later to tell you about my flat tire and how not awesome that situation was.  That doesn't have much to do with beauty though other than the fact that it completely interrupted my beauty and fashion groove for a few days.  The upside though is that I've been diddling around with a lot of new products lately.

First, I have been using the Pond's Luminous Finish BB+ Cream in the shade light.  (It only comes in Light and Medium)

It has a Broad Spectrum SPF 15 which we like.  The claims are that it makes you look flawless in seconds and gives you an even tone in two weeks with "Superior Coverage of imperfections, Superior Visible Dark Spot Reduction, Superior Non-Greasy Feel with a Matte Finish. (compared to the top selling BB cream)"

What I will say about it is that it doesn't really cover anything... at all... you will still see every freckle and blemish clearly, so if coverage is what you want there are other options out there that would be better for you.  What it DOES do, however, is brighten the face and you can actually build up that brightening benefit if you'd like.  This brightening effect does also have a hidden benefit which might be what they are describing as giving you an even tone.  I don't know about long term effects because I can't say that I noticed any of those, but what I did notice is that the "reflective" or "brightening" quality of the cream does counteract any redness of angry pimples or rosacea or broken capillaries or any other red thing on your face.  You can still clearly see that they are there, but the pigments in the cream that create the "luminous finish" are opaque enough to counteract the redness surprisingly well.  So, overall I'd say if you understand that you can't use this like a foundation to completely even out your skin and cover icky bits and erase discoloration, and understand that you CAN give the skin a bit of brightness or life to counteract dullness and you CAN tone down redness a bit and it does sort of soak into the skin a bit more like moisturizer and it definitely DOES have a matte finish even though it brightens (think brighter not dewier) then you will probably enjoy using this product and might consider giving it a try.  Now I know light and medium does not give you many options to choose from, but remember this is NOT a foundation or concealer.  It is a cream that happens to give your skin a little visual boost.  Just choose the one that makes the most sense to you out of the two.

I also spent a few hours prepping for a live broadcast that I do every other week for my industry cohorts.  The details wouldn't excite you much probably, but it is a few hours immersed in beauty and fashion and home goods that I enjoy.

I'm always busy with one video or another since lately I've been posting three videos per week.  You basically have to film, edit, or upload for a few hours every single day no matter what.  If you enjoy tutorial style videos designed so that you can follow along and replicate the look at home where the individual sort of talks you through the steps then click here to watch the latest.

I also have started using the Tarte Cheek Stain in the color Flush that I received as a gift for Christmas. 

 I'll keep everyone posted on how that is going in a future video so stay tuned for that.  BTW... if you have any recommendations on colors of these cheek stains that I should try next then list them below in the comments.

I've also pulled out my Bodycology Coconut Lime Body cream because I needed a springy/summery pick-me-up.  

This is where you start feeling a little jealous that I still have this scent because you can't get it anymore and it is such a soft lovely version of what we typically expect from a coconut lime fragrance that it is actually sweet without being a shock to the system that wakes you up.  Never fear though because I have tracked down Bodycology's recent version of this scent which is Coconut Lime Twist and I have linked it here for you.  Git it girl!  Git it!  You're welcome.  :)

*Insert work break where I watch the latest episode of Days of Our Lives which I used to catch at midnight until Disney dropped Soapnet.  BAD Disney!  Now that I can't watch it at random times when I can't sleep I feel like I HAVE to watch it to keep up.  SMH  How does this happen?*

Can we talk for a second about a few things I am currently obsessed with?  First of all is the Seiko Tressia watches that are part of the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women campaign.  The style I've seen most recently that I'm loving looks like this...

In Rose Gold or Silver I just think these watches have such a classic look while still incorporating a boyfriend feel in a very feminine way.

Speaking of obsessed... I keep seeing ads for Lancome Genifique, Visionnaire, and DreamTone all over the place.  I think I tried a sample of the Visionnaire and wasn't that impressed, but I'm curious if any of you have tried these and what you think of them.  Let me know in the comments below.  

These are just so freaking cool!  The large part you see goes behind the ear and is actually the back to the earring in case you have never seen anything like this before.  Although at a price of $165 per earring (not even per pair... per earring) I think I can do us all a bit better.  I actually really love this pair which is at a price point we can all afford.

You can get them here.  

or if you prefer a bit more detail...

go for this pair.  Again... you're welcome.  :)

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