Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Day in the Beauty Life

This is a day in the life of a beauty junkie.

I started my day with a little Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf.  

It was pre-shower, but I just needed a little indulgence to start my morning right.  It is of course a floral which you know I am generally not a fan of, but this is a floral I don't mind.  There is just enough Ballerina Freesia to lighten the mood and soften the Sambac Jasmine and Centifolia Rose.  The Cattleya Orchid and Patchouli mix to round out what normally might be rough floral edges.  Even though it is described as an Oriental, Gourmand, Floral I honestly don't get the Oriental part.  It just doesn't have the bite or burn or bitterness of a typical Oriental fragrance.

Speaking of Oriental Florals... can we just talk about this little doozy for a second?  I'm referring to Gucci Guilty.  

We're talking Mandarin, Pink Pepper (there is that bite), Peach, Lilac, Geranium, Amber, and Patchouli.  This fragrance is described as daring, rich, and sexy.  I'm sure from the notes you can see why.  Which leads me to my next mention which is Gucci Guilty for Men.

While similar to it's sister fragrance in that it has Mandarin and Pink Pepper, the Lemon Citrus, Fresh Lavender, and Crushed Green Leaves give it the masculine distinction we expect from Gucci.  This scent is described as youthful, charismatic, and fearless and we can all conjure up what that should look like in our heads can't we?  Hubba!  Hubba!

All I can say is it makes me want to grab a bottle of PAMA Pomegranate Liquer,

whip up a pomegranate martini, grab Mr. Gucci Guilty for Men straight out of my daydream, and shutdown this computer for the next 48 hours.  COMMENT BELOW if you'd like me to post my pomegranate martini recipe and then be sure to subscribe so you don't miss it when I do.  

How did your day begin?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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