Friday, July 5, 2013

A Day In The Beauty Life - Journal Entry 7-3-13, 7-4-13, & 7-5-13

Where have I been lately?  Well, I have been missing.  Hehe.  Actually I have been super duper busy but unfortunately busy means away from my laptop.  As much as I have missed you guys I can assure you that my laptop did not miss me one bit the last few days.  I work the poor thing to death!  Soooo let’s see if I can get us all up to date.

My Tuesday started off with an important call with an important person.  It is all top secret though so that doesn’t really help you out in the catch up department. 

I did have a video go live which I will link here.  It is my most recent Makeup Maven collaboration revealing all of the top secret information we are allowed to reveal.

I also had to take care of all last minute order action early since tomorrow will be a busy day.

Wednesday I got to play the part of fill–in babysitter which is like my favorite job in the whole world.  In this particular case not only did I manage to squeeze in time at the pool and a junk food err… I mean fast food lunch, but I was the one who was drug around by a 5 year old to a beauty supply store and 5 more stores in the mall than I intended to visit.  (We were supposed to be there just to visit the pet store and give the animals some much needed attention.)  She managed to get some nail polish, an eyeshadow, and a sparkly ring out of me.  What can I say?  She is a pretty good salesperson.

My 4th of July was really a non-beauty day.  I walked in the parade (in the drizzly rain.)  Then we had a cookout with family (inside due to the drizzly rain.)  Then I had a baseball game to go to (also in the drizzly rain with post game fireworks postponed.)  There is nothing quite like a pair of clean dry pajama pants after a day of humidity and all around mildly damp clothing and hair to make you say ahhhhhhhhhhh.

So that is the abbreviated version of where I have been.   Now tell me… where have YOU been for the past 3 days?  I’d like to know.

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