Monday, July 1, 2013

A Day In The Beauty Life - Journal Entry 06-29-13 & 06-30-13

Well my Saturday was busy but actually a little slow in comparison to how most of my days go.  My week has caught up to me though and I am feeling the fatigue.  I think you will be able to sense it in my writing.  Today I had of course some photo posting to do for the challenge I have going on with my Mavens.  Here are the products I featured: Glazewear lip gloss in Cherry Liqueur on the top lip and Glazewear lip gloss in Crimson on the bottom lip and here is how it ended up.

My Saturday video also went live which means more self-promotion.  I’ll link it here so you can take a peek.

I’m starting a new challenge for the month of July with my Mavens which means that before we tell them what the challenge is we tease them over and over again to get them excited and wanting to know what we have up our sleeve.  Those teasers take a lot of time and follow-up!  Speaking of follow-up...
 Have I ever mentioned that I get right around 5000 emails everyday?  Probably not.  Do you know how much time goes into staying on top of that many emails?  Well, it’s a lot.

Then I had to get out of the house because the fall makeup lines are out and fall clothes are cropping up and so I stopped at CVS, Ulta, and Target to see what’s new.  Then add in bagging up customer orders and wrapping gifts before bed and it was around 12:00am when I was able to take a breath.

My Sunday started at 6:00am and included church, a lunch gathering with customers, a birthday party at a museum, a trip to the store for 4th of July supplies, a stop at the bookstore so I could quickly upload the new Maven challenge for the month of July, hitting the gas station (can I just say that the price of gas is so ridiculous that it should include some type of spa-like experience) and then finally sitting down to watch an episode of Real Housewives while painting my nails for a patriotic challenge from Avon which is due tomorrow before collapsing.

*Insert collapse here*

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