Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Day In The Beauty Life - Journal Entry 06-28-13

My lack of sleep has finally caught up to me and I slept in later than I really intended to.  By later I mean after 7am.  Because it was so late I debated and debated and debated about whether to film or not since the humidity was already kicking in.  I didn’t think I was going to even though I have a video that has to go up Monday, but then once I got out of the shower I realized I have to get entirely ready anyway because I still have to post for the #AvonColorLottery regardless.  At that point I was pretty much determined that I was going to go ahead and film.  My two lottery items for the day are Glimmersticks Chromes in Midnight Flash and Glazewear lip gloss in Mauve Movement.  I got myself all prettied up and started to gather together items I needed to film with and then came to a screeching halt realizing that I had just put on the wrong products if I was going to film.  Ugh!  I needed to be wearing a different top secret item which I will be telling you about soon enough.  So much for filming today.  I also spent a little time bagging up orders that I needed ready for this evening before heading out to the bank.  Mentioning this makes me realize that I completely neglected to tell you yesterday about my order arriving!  It is amazing the things I forget when I’m all over the place sometimes.  Generally the first thing I do when I get my boxes is rip them open to find the new catalogues.  I immediately want to know what new products I will be selling in a month and which products are going on clearance in the next campaign.  Speaking of new books… where in the world did I lay those?  I need more time to go through them because it never really was able to happen.  I was just too busy.

Because the lottery is coming to a close on Sunday I needed to come up with a new challenge for Avon’s Makeup Mavens for the month of July.  I had already discussed the basics of the idea with the Maven who has been helping me with these challenges, but we still needed to nail down the details so a lot of conversation and internet searches went into finalizing those details.  The new challenge is also top secret until Sunday, but I’m sure you will be hearing about it as well sooner rather than later.  In between messages about the new challenge were last minute emails and messages about the 4th of July parade.  Sometimes I am amazed that I manage to ever make sense when I’m literally typing with one hand and texting with the other.

Most of my morning was consumed with uploading and all of the other details related to my video that goes live Saturday which I will link here.  I also of course had to edit the photo that will be used as the thumbnail.  Speaking of photos, I also had to snap and edit the photos for today’s lottery post so I will show you that picture here also.

My afternoon was so hectic that I literally can’t really remember much of the details.  What I do remember is that I had to be at the bookstore by 6:00 to meet with some of my reading friends (because I really do love to read and talk about reading and just being around books in general) and it took at least 30 minutes of being there before I could relax and stop thinking about all of the things I need to do and stop feeling like I was still multitasking and just enjoy my time there.  I did have some work to do while I was there too but I was able to eventually slow my mind down and stay in the moment.  From there I was off to the dollar store to grab some gift bags and to check out the mainstream makeup that has made its way there which today included Milani, N.Y.C., E.L.F., and Maybelline.  Then come texts about the fireworks display I’m supposed to go to and then I’m not going to and then I’m going to and then we don’t know if we are going to etc. and the realization that I’m hungry and have only eaten an apple, two bites of peanut butter, and a granola bar today.  Well, food is going to have to wait until tomorrow because the decision has been made at the very last minute, and I’m now headed over to catch the fireworks.  Tomorrow will be another day.

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