Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Day In The Beauty Life - Journal Entry 5-24-13

This morning started around 1:15am when my normal tossing and turning began.  Once I knew for sure that I was not falling back to sleep any time soon I decided to utilize my on demand cable services to catch up on the three episodes of Chelsea Lately that I had missed this week from falling asleep too early.  Hours later and well into my morning news cast I did finally fall back to sleep, but was up and in the shower by 8:30.  I had the intentions of filming a video on products I had tried recently that I did not like, but my lack of sleep and the return of colder weather is catching up to me.  I decided today was a day to dress warm and comfortable (aka a fashion felony) and threw on a pair of mom jeans that belonged to my Aunt who passed away three years ago from breast cancer (Clothing has its sentimental moments for me.  I’m known to hang onto clothing items from family members that have passed.  I can sometimes be found wearing a flannel shirt that belonged to my grandfather or jewelry that was my grandmothers, etc.) and a 2007 sweatshirt from one of my favorite car shows I go to every year.  I also let my hair air dry because I am trying to be nicer to it these days.  Needless to say, no one who saw me today would take me seriously if I told them I live and breathe beauty and fashion. 

Today was a lot of picture taking for me which I don’t particularly enjoy.  It might be my least favorite part of blogging.  I generally snap pictures on my old school flip phone (which doesn’t even have a flash as I’m sure you can tell) because I can’t be bothered buying batteries for my camera all the time and it doesn’t take very good close up photos anyhow.  I also can’t be bothered sweating over lighting and layouts and staging the perfect photo.  Well, I could be if I could afford the proper equipment, but for now I’ll just do what I can with what I’ve got.  I probably need to start dating some guy who fancies himself a semi-professional photographer, so if you know of any you’d like to recommend submit your suggestions here.  Hehe.   I also had to touch up the polish on one of my nails because I used it as a tool yesterday to pry open difficult to open packaging a few times.  My nails usually end up collateral damage when my tomboy side shows itself.  I’m just thrilled they are finally recovering after my recent trips to NYC.  I don’t know what it is about plane rides, but my nails become instantly brittle and unrecognizable.  Most people worry about how their skin will hold up.  I have to worry about the tragedy that will befall my nails instead.

Today my new campaign starts so while I did still spend time doing some product research I also used social media to start recommending a few of my favorite products this campaign.  Here is one of those products.  

Beaded Escape Toe Loop Sandals
If you are interested they can be purchased at

Even though I’m not dressed up I still tend to wear some sort of jewelry and today's feature product are these rings called the Loving Stackable Ring Set which can also be purchased on sale at

And since I don’t for some reason tend to ever buy brow products which should have been the next addition to my style changes for the next two weeks I pulled out a L’Oreal Visible Lift Color Lift blush in Rose Gold Lift instead.  

After checking into a few orders that were placed on my website, I spent some time jotting down addresses of those customers in order to send out little thank you gifts.  Fast forward to major social media interaction with my fellow Makeup Maven winners and some secret planning for a few fun challenges coming up. 

Then starts my normal nightly routine of listening to sitcom reruns while editing videos and finishing up my journal entries.  I was also pleasantly surprised with some catching up style electronic chitchat thanks to a friend contacting me that I haven't talked to in a while.  Tonight was more normal for me and I even stayed up to watch the late showing of E! News.  Tomorrow is a new beauty day.  You just never know what a new day might bring.

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