Friday, May 24, 2013

A Day In The Beauty Life - Journal Entry 5-23-13

Even though for a short time my night included dreams about The Hobbit (see yesterday's journal entry for this to make sense) my days usually start like this… If I fell asleep at a more normal time than usual I probably will wake up somewhere between 1 and 2am and the process of tossing and turning begins.  The good news is that at 4am the morning news comes on and I can start watching that.  Then at 6am Looney Tunes comes on.  The good one.  Not the new version.  There is something about cartoons being on that makes me able to fall back to sleep.  I have no idea what it is, but if I’m still awake at 7 like I was today I can flip it to Animaniacs turn the volume down and pick up a book.  This morning I read chapter 16 of Midnight Pleasures by Eloisa James.  Normally if I can just get an hour or two of sleep in between the hours of 7 and 9am I feel more alive than usual, but this morning it wasn’t happening so I just got up.

This morning I needed the caffeine so after brushing my teeth, throwing my hair up in a ponytail, and tossing on some random comfortable clothes I grabbed an ice cold Coke and got to work.  Work for me every other Thursday tends to be a bit slow.  It is the day after my orders go in, but a day before I can start working on future orders online.  Generally on this day I spend my time doing research or out in the stores.  Today was a no energy kind of day so research won out and I spent my morning looking into new products and trends online.  Lunch was a bit of leftover pizza which included sausage as a topping, so I will be itching like crazy about 2 days from now.  At some point I snapped a few product photos related to the day's journal entry and finished writing, editing, and posting it. My day didn’t actually get interesting until a bit later in the afternoon when it was finally time to get ready to go see my niece’s preschool spring performance.

Now, for most of the world none of this will sound interesting, but for a beauty girl we get excited about some of the smallest everyday things.  My first exciting moment was when the conditioner bottle hit that just empty enough point where it becomes easier to use if you leave it stored upside down rather than right side up.  It is the conditioner version of hitting pan I suppose.  Hitting pan means you have used a product up to the point that it isn’t gone, but suddenly becomes excitingly obvious that you have made real progress at using it up.  This seems like a silly thing to get excited about, but for a beauty girl it is a low scale adrenaline rush.  That realization that soon you will get to buy something new and that you are at the same time really enjoying and using up the products that you already have.  So I had my conditioner moment AND my bar of soap is down to a sliver about the size of your thumb from the joint to the tip.  More anticipation of a new fresh product.  EXACTLY what I need on a day when my energy tank is empty.

The rest of my routine was pretty… well… routine.  Until the moment when I pulled out the first two products I get to incorporate into my style for the next two weeks.  The first is an eye liner.  An Avon Glimmersticks eye liner to be exact in in the color Saturn Grey.  These are retractable liners that leave an easy smooth line of color.  Click here to check out the line and see other color options.

I decided it made sense to follow the liner up with a different mascara so I pulled out a sample of the Smashbox Hyperlash Mascara.  The brush of the mascara is interesting.  It is a plastic applicator with a single row of longer bristles which can be seen here along the top and shorter bristles everywhere else.

  I used the longer bristles to separate the lashes and comb out the clumps.

When you are a beauty girl the next thing you do right after getting ready for the day is film a video, so of course that was what I did next.  When that video goes live I will insert it’s link here.  Then because I always keep something in my handbag for her to discover I tossed in an Avon Naturals Kids Silly Spiced Apple body wash & bubble bath which was limited edition for the holidays.  

This might seem like an odd choice for a 4 year old to get excited about, but she is an unusually appreciative child who loves to get a new dress or skirt more than anything else in life.  She is already quite the little Fashionista and loves her beauty products too.

To say my niece’s program was the cutest thing ever would be an understatement.  There is just nothing like a bunch of small children many of whom still pronounce their R’s like a W belting out songs at the top of their little lungs.  Of course we had to follow that up with some celebratory ice cream.  I still was home by 8 and sat down to begin editing the video, finishing up the journal entry for the day, and just trying to wind down as I do each night in hopes that tonight will be the night I get a normal amount of sleep.  While I worked I listened to my typical routine of two episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond and two episodes of The Nanny before I again fell asleep unusually early for me.  Check back tomorrow to see what a new beauty day brings.

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