Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Giorgio Armani Day

Today feels like a Giorgio Armani kind of day to me.  I can't afford any of this stuff but it's fun to browse and dream.  A girl can dream can't she?

This bag...  Oh my gosh this bag!  At $2595.00 why not get two right?  Do I really need to tell you what I love about this bag?  I love EVERYTHING about this bag!  I love the height. (7.8")  I love the fringe!  It makes me wish being a flapper was still in style.  I love the mixed link size detail in the chain!   I love the marbleized looking detail down the sides of the bag!  In one respect it makes it feel luxurious the way marble should, but at the same time there is something very earthy and rustic about the swirls throughout that gives it a bit of a tribal vibe.  This is what love looks like to me.

This bracelet...  I mean seriously...  $1695.00?!?  That is a ridiculous amount of money for a bracelet, BUT this is the kind of bracelet you could wear while completely naked and no one would even notice you were without clothing.  (Well, the girls wouldn't notice at least.)  This bracelet has so much interesting detail to it that it will make people grab your arm to inspect it closer.  It's the kind of bracelet that you sit in a chair next to a window with the sun shining in on you both and just hold it and look at it and feel the weight of it in your hand turning it over and over and over all the while.

When it comes to high end shoes these definitely aren't the worst price at $750.00.  The blue suede is amazing and the bit of curve along the base of the toes combined with the crossing of the straps gives the top of the foot some sex appeal.  Now THESE are some shoes I'd like to "sit pretty" in.

This belt is like artwork for your waist.  It doesn't matter if your LBD only cost you $28, with this belt around it any LBD turns into a million dollar dress.  Lucky for you the belt is priced at a mere $450.00

Speaking of artwork...  who wouldn't want this gorgeous silk stole draped around their shoulders?  I might even hang this on a wall it's so pretty and at $795.00 at least I would know it was safe up there.

If you prefer a more simple and classic style then this wallet is for you.  I feel more grown up and sophisticated just looking at it and after paying $640.00 it would remain in perfect condition since I wouldn't have any money left to fill it with.  Still doesn't stop me from wanting it though does it?

So those are just a few of my Giorgio Armani dream purchases.  What is your dream item?  Leave it in the comments below, so I can share in your moment of longing.

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