Friday, April 13, 2012

Get moving! Sneakers for 2012

Warmer weather and prospects of having to wear a bathing suit soon has me pretending that I will be engaging in some heavy duty athletics to get myself into shape in the near future.  Really I'm just thinking about the shoes.  Anything for an excuse to pick up a new pair of shoes right?  Here are some that will suit a variety of needs.  A little something for everyone.

I enjoy a flexible shoe and the Reebok RealFlex Transition provides flexibility and style all in one.  Who doesn't love a hot pink shoe?

A comfortable walking shoe is the most important style of sneaker in my opinion.  These cute Mary Jane walkers by Curves bring style to your 10,000 steps a day.  If you needed inspiration to take a few more steps  knowing how cute these will look on should do it.  They even look comfortable at the same time.

Want something a little less girly?  The Five Ten Warhawk might be right up your alley.  The ruby and slate grey style add a masculine edge to your physical activity.

Want something a bit more on trend for spring?  These bright orange shoes are right in line with the color trends for 2012.  Skechers are always stylish and comfortable and the GOrun style is no different.

If basketball is your sport the traditionally styled Nike Air Max Destiny TB are all function no frills.

If a classic canvas sneaker is all you need to feel comfortable then these are a step up form the Keds we all know and love.  No one will ever know that exercise is not a part of your vocabulary with these stylish kicks.

What is your favorite pair of sneakers?

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