Monday, October 13, 2014

My Day In A Nutshell - New Recipe Alert

My day started with an undercover CIA style beauty project just after having the worst night of sleep I've had in a while which of course means I got up much later than I wanted to.  I may have to switch to a "chores in the middle of the night" routine.  I don't really want to film then, but when I get up late it makes me feel rushed even if I'm not and I generally am dragging myself up and that lack of energy is always obvious in my videos.  I could fake it but there are enough of those types of videos on YouTube already.  I'm determined to keep my channel true to who I am and if that means I have to wait for a sporadic good day to film then I will.  My YouTube friends understand.  

When I'm tired the first things that get scrapped are my makeup and hair routine.  As much as I love beauty stuff I need breaks from it.  I don't know how people do it 7 days per week.  Not doing it every day makes me enjoy it more on the days when I do.  

I might be a bit too comfortable in my own skin.


Last week I promised to show you which polishes I used for my manicure, so here they are.

I started with a single coat of  Avon Nail Experts Adhesive Base Coat (far left)
followed by two coats of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color in the shade I Do (far right)
followed by a final coat of Sinful Colors Professional in the shade Mystery Moonshine.

So what do you do after you have had a night without sleep?

You come up with a new drink recipe of course!

First I should mention that I single cup brew my coffee old school style straight into the cup without the use of any electronic equipment, so if you'd like to learn how to do that then you will have to comment below to let me know.

Second I will mention that 2nd round coffee and tea is the second use of the grounds and tea leaves.  (Don't try and store them or save them.  We are talking within an hour or two of the first use here.)

Third, a shake is a packet of Equal and a splash is a splash of milk.

So the recipe for today I'm calling a 

Feeling Blue
Put a second round Bigelow Green Tea with Blueberry tea bag into your cup.
Single cup brew your second round Kroger Ground Select Blend Coffee over the top.
Allow your tea to steep just a few minutes in the coffee.
Add a shake and a splash.

Also, managed to squeeze in a viewing of Phineas and Ferb Night of the Living Pharmacists.  That cartoon will forever be one of the smartest cartoons on television.  
Go watch it... 
"Lots of me.  Lots of Me.  Lots of me."  

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  1. So how do you do yoir single cup coffee? I need that