Monday, September 8, 2014

My Day In A Nutshell

I've been sick.  Super duper annoyingly sick.  That's where I've been in case you were wondering.

Today started off with some video editing.  I've been working on a top secret project for an expo group with the 6 year old mini me and had to get the review edited and uploaded.  I can't share it here any time soon but hopefully sometime down the road I will be able to share at least some of the video footage with you because the outtakes are just too good to miss.

Of course my day REALLY started with a load of laundry (whites in cold water in case you were wondering) and my daily devotionals, but you already know how I roll at this point I think.  I'm still not completely with it after being sick, so moving forward I will try to share more details about the everyday stuff because I know it helps some of you figure out ways to get organized within your own life and you like what others might consider to be the boring details.

I'm completely caught up on my House of Cards (season 1, season 2) viewing and after watching The Secret again (I like a refresher viewing every now and then) I started watching The Guild.  

Today I watched Season 2 (it was a web series so all of the mini episodes from each season equal a single hour-ish long episode) and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.  It might reach beyond my level of nerd appreciation capacity.  That won't keep me from watching it to the end though.  I'm into finishing what I start.

I squeezed in a workout.  Just a baby workout really because my ankle is still jacked up 3 months later and I really need to let it heal.  This was really just a short stretching routine which I do actually need, but don't let the level 1 difficulty fool you.  It's an active stretching routine rather than a passive stretching routine which means you actively engage a muscle by flexing it in order to further stretch a muscle on the opposite side.  It is toning and stretching all in one.  If you do it properly you will break a bit of a sweat.

I did also squeeze in an episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.  ok... maybe 2 episodes.  I don't know why... Seriously.  Guilty pleasure?  The good news is I think the season is entirely over now.  What I really should be watching is E! News... so I did.

It's a Supermoon tonight and a Harvest Supermoon at that.  I wish I had a camera that does the moon justice, but it always just ends up looking like a tiny pin prick of light.  It is so BRIGHT that I felt like I needed to shade my eyes to look at it.

Just beautiful.  This photo doesn't even do it justice.  You will be able to see it again tomorrow evening so don't miss out on the opportunity.  It's the little things in life that make living amazing.

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