Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Day In A Nutshell - 30 Day Challenge Day 10 - The Letter People

I woke up this morning at about 9:00 AM and felt exhausted.  My energy levels were completely depleted.  I did a small amount of work just to distract my brain enough so that I could fall back to sleep.  I figured I would sleep for maybe another hour to an hour and a half.

Fast forward

Eyes Open

12:51 PM 

No laundry.  No filming.  No makeup.  No nothing this morning.  It was a quick shower and off to the bank I went.

The thing about having a dysfunctional immune system is that there are more days like this one than not.  Most of the time I don't actually get the sleep in, but I pretty much always feel the way most people do when they are the sickest they have ever been.   Remember that time when you were so sick with the flu and you literally couldn't do anything but sleep?  Maybe you woke up every now and then and were able to stay away for about 20 minutes but 22 and a half of your 24 hours were spent sleeping while your body fought off the illness and worked to repair itself.  That is how it is everyday when you have an overactive immune system.  The amount of energy that is eaten up between your body attacking itself and trying to repair itself whether it needs to or not is astronomical.  The truth is you need more sleep than everyone else because you are always in some phase of illness and/or recovery.  Most of the time you fight it because it doesn't fit the standards that society has placed on us, but sometimes you reach the point where you just can't fight it anymore.  You shouldn't ever fight it really, but unfortunately it isn't recognized as a disability and people just don't understand and who wants to be suffering all the time anyway?  Sometimes you just fight it because you want to pretend you are normal for a little bit and just ignore how bad you always feel.  I'm getting better at listening to my body sometimes and not putting as much pressure on myself but there are always consequences to that and now instead I will suffer the consequences of feeling very very behind.

Oh well.

Sometimes you have to know when not to care.

Today a friend of mine reminded me of a show I love that was very popular when we were kids and that we used to watch in our classroom in the 3rd grade (and I prayed would be on and used to watch when I stayed home from school sick).  

In the spirit of Throw Back Thursday #TBT I think I'll share this little gem I found with you.  Call your kid into the room to watch.  If it was good enough for my generation it is good enough for them too.

How are you doing with your 30 Day Challenge?


The sad thing is I still feel like I need more sleep right now.  I jumped up in such a panic because of the time but in a perfect world I should have slept some more.  I'm going to have to film 2 videos tomorrow now instead of one, but I might just need to sleep and not worry about it.  We will see what happens I suppose.  

Have you noticed how sometimes I am anal about punctuation 

and sometimes I just need to leave it out because it annoys me?  

I actually prefer typing linguistically.  

I like my writing to sound the way I think or the way I speak.  I want you to know exactly how it would sound if I were standing in front of you saying the words one friend to another.  Sometimes that means I use punctuation properly and sometimes I don't.  It is an acquired taste.

Well, it's official... I've filled out my 2015 YouTube video planner.  Let's just say

Anyway... that's enough for today.  I'll see you on the flipside!

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