Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wonderbag Portable Slow Cooker


This might be the most interesting product I have seen in a long time and priced at $50 it isn't even expensive.  I mean this takes slow cooking to a whole new level.  This product lets you take your cooking on the road with you literally.  As soon as I saw it I thought of so many ways this could be useful.  Start a meal, take it with you.  It's ready when you need it regardless of where you are... in the car, at the campground, on a lake, at a job site, at the potluck dinner, work carry in, family gathering, tailgating... the possibilities are endless.  This takes eco-friendly to a whole new level since it works through heat retention rather than constant use of electricity or gas.  Just simmer your food to start in a metal or cast iron stock pot and then tuck the pot in the bag and go.

Possibly the best part about this product is that for every Wonderbag purchased in the US, one is donated to a family in need in Africa which can help save up to 30% of their income otherwise spent on fuel for wood stoves.

For more information or to order click Here

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