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Smile Sciences Rx Strength Teeth Whitening Pen

I'm often caught oooh-ing and ahhhhh-ing over new colors in makeup that sparkle and shine.  I'm like a magpie when it comes to color or sparkle or satin finishes.  Very rarely do I get excited about products that might be considered on the periphery of color.  Concealers, face care products, even hair care products just don't intrigue me as much from an excitement standpoint.  It isn't that I don't like those products or use them.  I consider them a necessity and a staple in my collection.  I just don't get pumped about them like I do something a little more visually stimulating, and when I have money burning a hole in my pocket or need a little pick me up I'm less likely to go in that direction than to choose a new lip product with some sparkle and cute cupcake packaging for example.  I was actually slightly caught off guard by my own excitement about trying this product thanks to a little thing called the Allure Beauty Box I think primarily because teeth whitening products tend to be pricey and a product I have always sacrificed when money is tight.  I also luckily tend to have somewhat naturally white teeth that only appear yellow at times when my immune system has gone wonky.  Now don't get me wrong... noone is going to invite me to be a model for their new tooth whitening procedure or anything like that.  They aren't THAT white naturally, but there have been times over the years when someone will comment on one of my videos and say that my teeth look really white and ask if I am using anything to whiten them and the answer has always been no.  I'm even guilty of drinking a Coke (or two) every day (my guilty pleasure) and actually expect my teeth to suffer staining from it, but somehow I manage to luck out in this category.  Is there irony in the fact that I am drinking coffee while I type this?  I think so.  Anywhoooooo... having a whitening product in my hot little hands has me so stoked I really can't even explain how ready I am to get the whitening party started.

I have used the product twice now and the one downside I can say is that the pen seems to have leaked in the cap a bit after my first use.  It wasn't spewing product out while I used it the first time or immediately after, so I don't think I over cranked it in any way.  Unfortunately it looks like a good three to 5 twists worth of product at least has since escaped from the top of the pen and while I could have blamed it on being in a hot room if it were summer or on being stored tip down or getting knocked around in my handbag had I traveled with it at all not a one of those scenarios actually happened  It was stored flat in my bathroom on the counter and was not moved at all in between uses.  I don't know if somehow the twister managed to get twisted magically or if there was an air bubble trapped in there that forced it's way out or what, but either way I have lost a significant amount of product straight out of the gate to my chagrin.  At a retail price of $78 for this product (2mL/0.067 fl.oz.) that feels a lot like losing liquid gold to me.

Let's talk details shall we?  The Smile Sciences pen was developed by dentists to be a cosmetic solution claiming professional results for people who wanted to whiten their teeth in a less expensive, less time consuming, and less invasive way than traditional teeth whitening methods you might have done at the dentist's office.  It is FDA registered and is meant to whiten your teeth by several shades within one week ("up to 9 shades whiter in days") just by using it twice per day (although the instructions actually advise you to use it 2 - 3 times per day ideally immediately after flossing and if there is no sensitivity or other adverse reaction to continue using it another 14 days AND "additional applications may be needed for optimal results, so even though the claims refer to a week's use you are actually committing to at least 14 days of use if you have no adverse reactions) and was even featured on the CBS show "The Doctors".  It contains 12% hydrogen peroxide and touts itself as "4x faster and 3X stronger than carbamide peroxide" which is equal parts hydrogen peroxide and urea(aka carbamide).  Read all of the ingredients before use as it is recommended not to use the product if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.  Because I'm always looking out for my friends I will just go ahead and list them for you here:  12% Hydrogen Peroxide, Propylene Glycol, Kosher Glycerine, Carbomer, Peppermint Essential Oils, Triethanolamine, Delonized Water, Xylitol

The packages are printed with an expiration date (hydrogen peroxide does break down particularly in daylight) and you are to use the product within 3 months after opening.

This is basically a brush tip applicator similar to many lip glosses that can be found on the market and you use it by first brushing and thoroughly rinsing your teeth.  Then you smile widely and wipe your teeth dry with a tissue or cotton pad, remove the cap, and twist the base of the pen to get the product into the brush tip.  You brush the visible surfaces of the teeth with up and down motions like painting a canvas while avoiding the gum line.  Then you keep your lips open for 30 seconds while the gel dries.  You shouldn't eat or drink for 30 minutes after use.  Recap the product so it doesn't dry out and store it at room temperature.  In bold print you are told to not share the same pen with another person.

Ummm...  GROSS!

Anway... you don't want to swallow it or get it on your skin, clothes, or eyes.  If tooth sensitivity or gum irritation occurs you are supposed to cool it until the effects subside and then you can apparently start back up again.  You are not supposed to use it if you are pregnant, have overly sensitive teeth, wear braces, have decayed teeth, have exposed roots, have health problems (define health problems...???) or gums that are in poor condition.  You are also supposed to consult with a dentist before attempting any at home whitening treatments.  I guess you can call me a rebel then because I skipped that step.

This product claims to have a mint flavor.  As you can see from the ingredients list it does have peppermint essential oils.  I'm going to say though it is more of a mint smell than a mint taste.  If you ever had to swish in elementary school with those little Dixie cups of mystery liquid aka flouride (we always hoped it would be the pink kind and not the clear kind... or was it the other way around?  I forget.) that had a scent to it but made me think they must have a bottle of it in concentrated liquid form that you then add water to based on how watery it tasted then you already know how this tastes.  In fact, if you have ever just swished or gargled with hydrogen peroxide straight from the bottle and know that watery/chemically lack of flavor that it has and can imagine adding a bit of peppermint smell to it then you already know how this product tastes.  I would describe it as more of a very strange lack of taste that you can taste with a side of mint.  Wow!  This is getting complicated.  You get the point.

The hardest part for me when it comes to this type of regimen is 1. remembering to do it or 2. not feeling too lazy or tired to do it particularly at night or 3. not being in too much of a hurry in the morning to have time to do it.  I am determined to give it my all though because leaving a $78 product just sitting around to go to waste is slightly criminal in my opinion.  I'm actually adding it to my calendar on my phone now with the alarm on and everything.  A little extra reminder never hurt anyone right?  By the time this post goes live I will have been using it for a full week and any additional thoughts I have about the product will have already been added in.  So here we go!  Wish me luck!  Well, actually... hop into a time machine, go back in time exactly one week and wish me luck!  Whiter teeth here I come!!!

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