Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Avon True Color Eyeshadow Single - Aqua

 Avon True Color eyeshadow single in the shade Aqua.  Can we just talk about this eyeshadow for a minute because I think this is the type of color that tends to scare some people when it comes to experimenting with makeup.  I have to admit that for someone like myself who is not afraid at all of color I am less likely to use light blues than any other color mainly because of the millions of shades that exist it is just my least favorite of them all and let's face it... aqua is just a few points of green on the chromatic scale away from blue, so when this color came up to buy in my random selection way of trying new products in the Avon line (Yes I choose items to buy completely at random.  I told you I'm not at all afraid of color.) I was a little less than excited about it for a few reasons.  1. because of the order of my personal color preference and 2. because colors like this can be harder to sell to people based on their fear of color or their misconception that particular colors are not allowed to be worn at work (which I have always found to be not the case) or their silly notions that there are colors they don't look good in (also false because it's not WHAT you wear it's HOW you wear it) or just their basic intimidation stemming from their self-doubt in their own ability to know how to wear or apply makeup.  I find that colors like this require a lot more smooth talking, arm twisting, confidence building, and in some cases even begging to get a timid makeup wearer to even consider it.  So when I end up with a color like this I cringe a bit basically in laziness knowing I'm going to have to work harder than usual in the near future.  I always win in the end, but work is work no matter how you look at it.  So, if you are one of those people that I just listed then let me be the wind beneath your aqua wings because this at it's most basic level just a really pretty color.

The swatch you see below is a bit heavy, but you get the idea.

My one complaint about this particular shadow (and I always look for one thing that could be improved in every product and am always honest about my thoughts) is that in my opinion, when it comes to bright colors you really need the powder to ultimately be completely opaque and not at all powdery.  The silkier the shadow the better when the color is bright.  If you can see the skin through it bright color gets contaminated and you lose the intensity almost as if it had been watered down to some extent and the matte finish on this one is not helping in that category at all.  The colorants in this shadow appear on the skin more like a staining colorant would AFTER you tried to wipe it off only to find the skin stained by the colorant and less like a solid pigment that is not soluble in water appears on the skin.  Now, don't get me wrong... this shadow does not stain the skin.  I'm just trying to explain how it performs in the best way I know how, but you experienced makeup girls will know what I mean.  You are going to have to use an opaque white base under this shadow or some other buildable base to get it to perform the way we like our bright colors to look.  The upside is that for someone who is afraid of color they can ease their way into it and over time as they get comfortable with seeing the changes in the mirror they can use more advanced application techniques to get a more intense result in the end.  

If I had to say just one thing about this shadow I would say just try it.  This is about as easy as it will get in the grand scheme of things when you need some time to figure out how to make color work for you.

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