Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bath & Body Works Fall Mini Candle

What to do with that old thing?  You know… that soap dish that is an interior design feature from decades gone by.  The last time I saw one of these used for its intended purpose was when my grandparents were still alive and liquid hand soaps did not even exist.  Well, most of us still have these so what in the world do you do with it now?  I’ll show you what!  THIS is what!

We can now refer to these as “Bath & Body Works mini candle holders”.  The mini candles are the perfect size to scent a bathroom and propping it up above the sink keeps it up out of the way, it won’t get lost in the sink clutter, and chances are you have a wall mirror in close proximity.  There is nothing more visually spectacular than the flicker of a candle reflected and intensified by a mirror.  So now the only question is which candle will you put there?

The candle I chose is the mini White Barn candle I received for review purposes in my Influenster Blogger Voxbox which is the Mahogany Teakwood fragrance described on the bottom of the candle as “the scents of fine woods – mahogany, cedarwood and oak – highlighted by delicate lavender and geranium notes conjure up an escape to a cozy library on a chilly fall day.”  I would describe it as your classically pine based men’s cologne scent.  Sharply woodsy with a biting edge which makes it the perfect candle to give that hard to buy for man who may or may not be known to burn candles.  Ladies!  If you are trying to get him to give up the machismo attitude and take on a softer and more romantic personality then this is the perfect starter candle for him.  You might have to force him to use it the first time, but he will do it all on his own the second time when he realizes he didn’t have to give up his man card for burning candles and other guys compliment him on how good his place smells.  It is also the perfect substitution for that authentic pine tree scent if you happen to be in a position to use a fake holiday tree rather than a real one.

Now because I received this candle for review purposes as part of my Influenster Blogger Voxbox there are some details that I need to share with you.  First, these are “highly fragranced candles exclusively developed and tested by our team of Home Fragrance experts, including the world’s best master perfumers.  Made using the highest concentration of fragrance oils, an exclusive blend of vegetable wax and lead-free wicks for optimal performance” according to Bath & Body Works.  Second, the price breakdown looks like this:  Mini Candle $3.50, Small Candle $9.50, Medium Candle $12.50, 3-Wick Candle $19.50.

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