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Frownies is a product line created by The B & P Company which was started in 1889 and is located in Dayton, OH.  The products use natural ingredients and focus on the mechanical side of skin damage and wrinkles meaning the lines and wrinkles formed by our everyday facial expressions.  The products are designed to be used mostly at night while the skin is relaxed and susceptible to accepting treatment.  While Botox is designed to paralyze the muscles under the skin, Frownies work to prevent the same movements Botox does in a natural way by mechanically preventing them from occurring and works in conjunction with topical creams, lotions, or gels to help penetrate active ingredients deep into the layers of the skin without injections or other harmful side effects.  The products can be applied to any of the typical wrinkles of the face... on the forehead, over crow's feet, between the eyes, and there are even treatments for the fine lines around the mouth.

I was given the opportunity to try the Frownies Beautiful Eyes Gift Bag which included of course a carryall bag, Facial Patches for wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyes, Eye Gels Under Eye & Eyelid Treatment, Rose Water Hydrator Spray (with Active Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid), and Immune Shield (40% Whole Vitamin E oil.)

The above picture shows the Facial Patches which come bagged and sealed in plastic, wrapped in tissue paper and sealed, and boxed.  There is also an instruction booklet included which I did not show in the photograph so as to not step on any copyright toes so to speak.  One box retails at $19.95

The picture above shows the accordion style stack of patches with the shiny side face up (4 segments in each layer 144 patches total per box) and to the right one of the squares has been separated from the stack and is shown with the shiny side down.  When applying the patches the shiny side is wet with the Rose Water Hydrator Spray which activates the adhesive and is the side that ultimately will touch the skin.

This is the square torn on the perforated line down the middle separating it into two triangles.  After cleansing, moisturizing, and massaging the skin for 10 - 15 seconds you can then place these triangles entirely over fine lines and wrinkles anywhere on the forehead or between the eyes by wetting them with the Rose Water, gently smoothing the skin flat, and then allowing the adhesive to set while holding the patch over the lines.  They are then left on for at least 3 hours or preferably overnight.  It is recommended to wear them every night until you reach your desired results and then to wear them 3 to 4 times per week thereafter.

The above photo shows the Eye Gels as they come packaged excluding the instruction card.  6 patches retail at $37.50.

The Eye Gels are designed to be used as a pick-me-up and are to be left on for 30 minutes under and around the outer edge of the eye after cleansing the face.  The weight of the gels and ingredients (cactus collagen, aloe, niacin, and other natural vitamins derived from plant sources) are expected to help with fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, improve skin tone and texture, increase circulation, and deliver deep hydration and nutrient support.  If you re-wet  them with the Rose Water Hydrator Spray and then store them sealed in a baggie in the refrigerator, they can be re-used up to 4 times.  It is recommended that you use them 3 days in a row initially and then once a week thereafter.

This is the Immune Shield Vitamin E Eye Serum.  It comes in a rollerball format.  60 ml. retails at $59.  Vitamin E acts as a fine line plumper.  Once it has penetrated under the skin it smooths and nourishes.  The serum is designed to be used around the eyes and mouth or on any area needing special healing treatment.  It can also be used after too much sun exposure to calm over exposed skin.  It is 40% whole vitamin E with polypeptides and 17 amino acids to build skin health and resistance to UV damage.  It can be applied under the eye and on the eyelid and allowed to sit and penetrate for 10 seconds prior to applying makeup.

I did not include another photo of the Rose Water Hydrator Spray since it is just a spray bottle and is already shown in the first photograph.  One 59 ml. spray bottle retails at $10.95.  This product is used to keep the eye gels moist and bacteria free as it contains many of the same ingredients as the gels, or as a pick-me-up sprayed directly onto the face.  It is also used to wet the Facial Patches before application and then again to moisten them enough for safe removal from the skin.

The entire package as I received it.

My experience with these products are as follows:  The facial patches of course work by encouraging a lack of facial movement and by not allowing moisture and other product benefits to escape the skin.  The downside is that it takes a while to get used to having them adhered to the face which can make sleep uncomfortable for some.  The pointy corners can also be a bit, well... pointy depending on where the patches are worn.  I also found the adhesive to be a bit less forgiving coming off the skin than I had hoped even after using the Hydrator Spray at first and then also some water to moisten them.  They come off a bit like pore strips, so anyone applying them in areas with any type of facial hair will definitely feel it.  Because I understand that fines lines are often formed by our expressions over time I do understand that over time these patches would be beneficial by preventing this excess movement.  In my opinion, the product would best be used during the daytime since that is when I would normally be making the unwanted facial expressions and would also allow me a better nights sleep.  I also have the benefit of working from home and not having to see people every day so this isn't too inconvenient for me.  Folks who are only able to wear these at night may not see results quickly unless their lines are caused by sleeping on their face, but I can understand that not everyone can wear these for a 3 hour minimum during the day.

The Eye Gels work for me the way most eye gels do.  The coolness from being in the fridge helps with puffiness and it is just a nice way to relax and hide from the world for 30 minutes.  They are quite pricey however, so for me I'd rather buy a type that is not disposable.  These would make a lovely gift though for someone who enjoys treating themselves now and then.

The Immune Shield is extremely pricey, and you know how I feel about expensive products.  It does roll on nicely and it is a thick oil in that it sits on the skin until you massage it in.  I'm at an impasse on my feelings for this product.  When it comes to treating over exposed skin I think I would prefer a much cheaper form of aloe.  The rollerball does allow for easy application around the eye and mouth areas.  I just don't know that at $59 it produces any results that an excellent $30 eye cream can't produce.  Again, this would make a great gift if it is within your price range for someone who enjoys treating themselves to a luxury now and then.  For me, I think I can find something more affordable and equally as affective.  I suppose the debate would really come down to product ingredients and if you feel the ingredients in this product are natural enough and more natural than the ingredients in another product that also produces results.  If the ingredients impress you then you may decide it's ultimately worth the cost.

The Rose Water Hydrator Spray is probably dupable.  It does play an important factor in keeping the Eye Gels bacteria free however, and the price is equivalent to many other pick-me-up type facial sprays.  For me, I would say that if you are going to use the Eye Gels repeatedly then you may as well pick up the Hydrator Spray just to be safe.  In all other uses you are probably free to choose any type of spray you enjoy.  Again it would make for a nice gift for someone unfamiliar with the product all in all.

As always I will continue to use these products and if my opinions change over time I will keep you updated accordingly.  I have enjoyed my experience with these products as they are unusual in comparison to other products currently on the market.

For more information visit or call 1-800-648-6891
Thank you to BeautyStat for the opportunity to review these products.

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