Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spoiled Nail Color - #S054 Trust Fund Baby

 What you see here is a bottle full of party... otherwise known as a party in a bottle.

 Because the print is in black and can't be seen for all the partying going on behind it, I will attempt to interpret the important parts for you.  This is a bottle of Spoiled Nail Color made by Wet n Wild in the color #S054 Trust Fund Baby.  My favorite part of this product aside from its price of $1.99 at CVS and its huge array of colors to choose from is the fact that it is made in the USA.  If you were beginning to think that products made in the USA were just a myth passed down from ye days of 'ole worry no more!  We DO still make products in the USA and this is one of them.

 What you will find in this bottle is a clear polish cram packed with tiny glitter in the form of yellow, blue, and black? (possibly dark blue, possibly just the back of the colored pieces if they happen to only have color on one side) octagons, and pink squares that go on with a nice thick wide brush in one swipe.  (Two tops.)

 I've applied two coats of Revlon's Ooh la la lilac followed by a clear topcoat to the nail on the right.  Then to the nail on the left I added the single coat of Trust Fund Baby as a fourth layer.  Unfortunately the Revlon shade was a limited edition polish, but if you'd like to replicate this look just replace it with any extremely sheer cotton candy sort of pink shade.  To be even more precise choose one that has a bit of a blue iridescence to it.

 You can see that the Spoiled polish gives a full application of glitter very easily.  No need to apply layer after layer.  You can also see that the underlying polish color is still easily detected through the fun.

I've been asked again and again by strangers if they can see my nails.  I've even received compliments from men which, as you know, doesn't happen as often when it comes to polish on the fingernails as it does some other areas of beauty.  What is my final statement when it comes to this particular polish?

GO USA!!!!!!!

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