Monday, March 8, 2010

How to Choose A Trench Coat for Spring

Spring is just around the corner which means beautiful flowers, green grass, and lots and lots of rain. Here are some tips to choose the perfect spring trench coat for your shape.
If you are:
Busty - avoid double-breasted styles with lots of embellishments, pockets, or extremely wide collar flaps that will draw the eye towards the bust. Look for belts that accentuate the smallest part of the waste and avoid large shoulder pads which also draw the eye upward.
Hippy - Choose a style with wide shoulder flaps to provide visual balance to a larger bottom half. Wider shoulders or shoulder pads can also provide balance if you are smaller on top. Also look for an A-line style so the bottom flows away from the body. Avoid styles that cling to the hips or backside.
Tall - Choose a style that reaches to the knee or just below and take advantage of the long lines of the coat. Also, be sure that the sleeves are long enough. Short or cropped sleeves will only make the coat appear ill-fitting. A wide belt can also be used to break up the length of the torso if you tend to have shorter legs proportionally.
Short - Avoid large belts or collars which will make the body appear smaller and will swallow the frame. Choose a style the ends above the knee or mid thigh to elongate the legs. Cropped sleeves can also help in keeping the coat in proportion to a smaller frame.

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