Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dry Hair Treatment

I have been suffering from excessively dry hair this winter as many of us typically do. This year, unfortunately, has been more harsh on my locks than most. What am I doing about it? Homemade treatments of course! My current favorite? A fruit & olive oil and yogurt conditioner that can be made right in my own kitchen.

First I will say that this mixture does include melon so if your hair is colored you may want to do a patch test just to make sure that the acid does not strip any of your color. I would also recommend a patch test just to be sure there will not be any type of an allergic reaction.

One quarter of a cantaloupe (fruits add shine to hair)
One Tablespoon of plain yogurt (provides moisture and conditions)
Half a banana
One Tablespoon of olive oil (provides moisture and smooth texture)

Blend all of the ingredients until completely combined but still maintains a thick consistency like gravy.
Wash hair using a shampoo that successfully removes all product buildup.
Rinse the shampoo from hair using very warm water. (DO NOT BURN YOURSELF!!!) The heat helps to open the hair cuticles in order to absorb more of the moisture from the conditioner.
Squeeze excess water from hair and apply the conditioner saturating the hair entirely from roots to tips.
Leave conditioner for approximately 30 minutes for the best results. (You may want to put a shower cap on just for convenience. Using a hair dryer at a warm temperature setting for a few minutes over the shower cap can also help the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft. Just be sure not to allow the hair or the conditioner to dry. Keep it to a few minutes maximum.
Rinse the conditioner from your hair completely using cool water. Cold water causes the hair cuticle to lie flat and trap in the moisture form the conditioner and leaves a smooth soft finish.

I recommend using this conditioner once a week all year round to keep your hair soft and manageable. Share your tips and tricks below and let everyone know how this conditioner works for you.

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