Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Day In A Nutshell

Welcome friends!  Happy to welcome my new subscribers to the family.  It's errands day!  I had to go feed my bank account.  It was starving to death from neglect.  I knocked out well over 6000 words yesterday and decided to start my day with the part of my job that is a major benefit due to the fact that I need to be up on pop culture.  I decided to catch up on Days of Our Lives.  It appears that I am 16 episodes behind.  (August 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 25th, 26th)  I really need to redistribute my time to fit more of this type of thing in... staying on top of popular television, reading more magazines instead of just flipping through them, getting back in the stores more often for mental inventory, taking time to do more activities that are out of the house and not a part of my normal bi-weekly routine...  It seems strange, but it really is important to my business and isn't at all about fun or relaxation.  I will be working on that in time with my 30 Day Challenge so if you have something you would like to improve on feel free to start the challenge too.  It will work no matter what your goal is.

Road to Success

Did you know that you can find some amazing styling ideas from a really good soap opera?  I am in LOVE with the robes Sami and Kate are wearing although I am so OVER Kate's accent nail and green hair and is that embroidery on Jennifer's dress?  Very sweet!  Hope's blazer  = super cool although she needs to size up and tailor for a proper fit.

Sorry... fashion distraction.

Anyway, as far as my 30 Day Challenge and my actionable step of cutting my pop drinking down from two cans per day to one...  I did have a single can of pop first thing.  There is just something about those first few drinks of an ice cold soda when it is the first thing you have had to drink and are feeling thirsty.  It's a very unhealthy habit, but one pop per day is better than two and taking one small step successfully is better than biting off more than I can chew and eventually failing.  The long term goals look much healthier, but for now this one short term goal done successfully is something to feel proud of.  Taking action matters.  Building on good habits over time matters.

Next up... a little Twitter business.  I can't talk about it just yet but if you check my account tomorrow sometime after 10:00 am or so there will be a little post about something that everyone knows falls under my "favorite foods of all time" category.  

It's a gloomy day today.  Fall is making it's way here.  The temperature is supposed to drop by about 15 degrees between today and tomorrow.  I've been sick for a a week or two and can't quite seem to kick it entirely.  I'm feverish at random times and still sniffly and sneezy at times and my voice still sounds more like a man than like myself.  I don't know what being sick feels like for other people but for me when I'm sick it doesn't matter how much sleep I have had my eyes feel like I haven't slept in days and want to close even if the rest of me doesn't feel sleepy at all.  I decided to make myself a nice hot cup of tea to ease the sniffles and it just seems fitting with the gloomy day.  

It's a lovely Green Tea with Blueberry made by Bigelow.  I like to add one Equal packet and some milk.  Makes it feel like I'm doing something very luxurious and expensive.  It gets a little froth on the top and goes down so smooth and warm.  The mug BTW is from the Mainstays Home Collection since I know I will be asked.

It's amazing how much effort it takes to NOT do something sometimes.  You'd think not doing something just happens, but when you are not doing something on purpose it takes thought and energy and effort.  Trying to NOT drink a second can of soda when you are thirsty.  Trying NOT to think about or contact that person you know is bad for you.  Not posting a response to someone who said something mean on the internet.  Not buying something you want but don't really need.  Not cleaning your plate when you are full and have been taught there are starving children in Ethiopia.  Not hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock.  When something is a habit it takes real effort that is consistent over an extended period of time to not do it anymore.  Some of us are already struggling with our very first actionable step which if you ordered your goals properly should be the easiest challenge you will have.  It's ok.  If it's on your mind.  If you are trying not to do something.  If you are having trouble talking yourself into doing something.  If it was a piece of cake.  It's all ok.  I mention this here because some of us that have taken the 30 Day Challenge will be plagued the entire day with the struggle that is our first actionable goal.  If it keeps breaking into your day at the most inconvenient times it's ok.  You will get through today and tomorrow will feel proud for it.

I have  LOT of work to do for book club.  I've done the reading, but I have a lot of administrative work to do.  I put it off while I was sick and will have to play catch up.  This could take a while...

Up next...  The Guild Season 4

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