Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Day In A Nutshell - 30 Day Challenge Day 15

I am reading a book that is a collection of short stories from various writers that are all in some way a story about modern day suburban witches. 

  It is a book that if I asked a collective group of people to hunt down and read together would probably not generate much excitement aside from having a witch theme leading into fall and Halloween because it is very random no matter how you look at it.  It is a random book that most people have never heard of edited by a person most people have probably never heard of with a cover that while I find interesting is almost generic in nature.  It is filled with stories written by authors that most people probably have not ever heard of and just by the nature of it being a collection of short stories is random in that the stories all stand alone and are not at all related other than by this one theme insisting that it must include the idea of witches regardless of how that word might be defined from author to author which invokes an entire conundrum of randomness within itself just by design.  It is the kind of book that you would expect to see in a box at a garage sale that has been pulled from someone’s basement stuck down in between a whole slew of generic romance novels and one or two cookbooks published by Better Homes and Gardens back in 1978 and possibly one outdated Weight Watchers guide book from 1987 (probably titled something like “The ABC’s of Eating Out”) that tells you how to know what foods to choose from fast food restaurants that either don’t exist anymore or if they do no longer sell the items listed in the guide and includes a slot where a cassette tape used to reside so you could inspire yourself into making those “right” choices on the drive to the restaurant.  This is the kind of book that you would likely flip right past in that box and never see anywhere else in your life ever again even if you are an avid book hunter.

The first story in this book was weak and boring at best and the kind of story that makes you think if THIS was the story that the publisher thought was a strong lead in and would suck the reader into continuing on with the book then this is going to be much worse than I thought because it was so boring it makes even the word boring sound exciting.

The second story in the book was a bit more interesting but still kind of missed the mark.  It at least had a little bit of excitement but it was also a little too ridiculous and although the character development itself wasn’t necessarily weak the actual character WAS weak and while you understood how you were SUPPOSED to relate to him and his bumbling ways and the predicament he was in you never really were able to.

The third story finally started to hit the mark.  It was cute.  It had magic that we want from a story about witches.  It even referred to two cult favorite TV shows, one of my personal favorites Charmed and another that I know many of my readers are dedicated to Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a way that was a respectful nod to the people who love this type of genre and made you think “ok, now we are talking.”  It is the first story that actually reaches what was likely intended to be the target demographic  (or at least a large portion of it) when the book was actually published.  What jumped out at me from this story though almost as a side note and is the whole reason I am telling you about this book now was this concept within the story that whatever you do to someone else comes back and is done to you as well.  In the story it boiled down to teaching youngsters the lesson that if you try to harm someone else in some way you should expect that harm to come back to you as bad and possibly even worse in order to instill in them a sense of fear to keep them from ever doing it in the first place and also a sense of respect for the person that they intended to harm or those that might also be harmed in the process as a sort of collateral damage.

Anyway, I then find myself thinking about something else that I then heard a rector tell in a podcast where when he was younger he met Martin Luther King Jr. who said to him that when someone is the victim of an act of racism or any other type of victimization that there are actually two victims in the scenario.  Both the victim and the perpetrator suffer from the act because evil makes us all its victim in the long run and while the victim suffers from the consequences that we are all aware of the consequences that the perpetrator  will and already is enduring could be far greater whether we have sympathy for them or not.  He was conveying the idea that if the perpetrator were not already suffering he would not be able to complete this horrible act against another in the first place.

So, this is twice within about a 2 hour timespan that this concept has been conveyed to me through two completely different mediums.  It’s the same message presented in two different mediums in two different formats surrounded by two different stories told from two different angles that if you aren’t able to connect the dots could easily be missed.  Thankfully I was in a space of awareness to receive it.

Now, If you are a regular reader of mine then you are either already participating in or have at least thought about or are talking yourself into the 30 Day Challenge.  (Today is the halfway mark!  Can you believe it?  Definitely is slowing the passing of time for me.)  All of us involved are changing our life in some way.  It might be spiritual.  It might be health related.  It might be financial.  It might be related to relationships.  Your journey could be about any number of things and since we are just beginning and by the simple nature of the challenge itself and how we break down our long term goals into such minimalistic actionable steps (mine being to cut out one can of soda from my diet per day) in order to ensure the likeliness that we can successfully achieve them it is easy to forget that this one little actionable step you are taking which might seem silly or superficial or too simple to focus on for 30 straight days is part of a much bigger picture which lies within the core of who you are as a being on this planet.  It is a meager step in the larger goal of living in a way that is true to your inner spirit.  It is a step in this journey we take called life where we are born pure and connected and then suffer and then from that suffering work to awaken and live consciously connected again, re-learning to be present in and appreciate each moment in order to become one with the universe in a way that we never could before and live the life that we were always meant to live and that has been there for us the entire time if only we had taken the time to be present to see it.  

This idea that what we put out into the universe, good or bad, comes back to us in spades is one that resonates throughout different spiritual teachings, different scientific teachings, different moral and ethical teachings,  different cultures, and even shows up in a random book filled with random stories written by random authors about witches that one random person (that would be me) just happens to read at just the right time to receive it and who just happens to write these messages in this little blog with the hopes that they will reach even just one other random person (that would be you) at just the right time to receive it.  Suddenly what become clear is that all of this randomness isn’t random at all.  It is a testament to the idea that when your eyes are open and you are ready the messages that are already out there waiting for you become so clear.  What you put out you will eventually get back.  Awaken to the idea of working towards becoming your true self and eventually you will find you are living true to yourself.  Open your heart and your mind to growth and you will grow.  In that growth you help others to grow through example.  It is all connected.  We are all connected.  When your spirit is shut off from the universe you feel isolated and alone and unhappy and maybe even angry or anxious.  When you awaken your mind and your spirit the universal connectedness reveals itself.  It was there all along waiting for you to be present and see it.  Put out what you want to get back.  Be present yourself and you will inspire others.    

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