Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ulta Legendary Lengths Mascara

I never even realized this mascara was a clump free formula, but you know what?  It definitely is!  I have used the Ulta Legendary Lengths Mascara ($10) in Jet Black multiple times now and the thought of clumps never even crossed my mind while using it.  I think that is probably due to the fact that this is a lengthening mascara and we generally refer to clumps when dealing with a volumizing mascara.  I guess when using lengthening mascaras I just expect that they shouldn't clump and just don't think to tout the lack of clumps as a benefit worth bragging rights.  Should I reconsider and and start giving kudos to lengthening mascaras that don't clump which is pretty much all of them, or is calling a lengthening mascara a clump-free formula just a marketing ploy to make you think it is doing more than it actually is?  I'm feeling a bit conflicted over making this decision right at this moment, so maybe I should just move on for now.  

I don't find that this mascara necessarily adds any length to my lashes the way I feel some mascaras do, but it does define every last bit of length that I already have to make my own lashes look the longest they possibly can without additional help.

Ulta refers to it's silicone brush as an "hour-glass" shape.  They actually put the hyphen in the word hourglass.  Is there supposed to be a hyphen in the word hourglass?  I fell like there isn't, but I digress.  When I look at the brush I see more of an infinity sign.  Maybe it's just the mathematician in me...  My logical brain working on overdrive.  Now I'm imagining my body opening up from the side like a tin trinket box and a tiny little guy with glasses and a briefcase and a piece of chalk in his hand jumping out just like a scene from a Men In Black movie.  Why is he carrying a briefcase instead of a blackboard with formulas written all over it?  I don't know.  Maybe because a blackboard would be hard to carry and wouldn't fit inside my head very well?  I clearly have not had enough sleep!  Can you tell I have not been getting enough sleep lately?


The infinity sign brush... I find that somehow it just doesn't quite fit my lashes properly.  The dip in the middle just isn't quite right for me and I catch myself relying on the bulbous tip to really get in there and define the lashes particularly along the outer edge.  That's fine though because no two lash lines are the same and what doesn't fit me quite right might fit you amazingly.  Either way I am able to separate and define my lashes the way I like them with this minimally curvy B-cup shaped brush.  Get it?  B-cup?!?  Ha!  That's an hourglass shape joke or an "hour-glass" shape joke if you ask someone working for Ulta who writes product descriptions.  

I also need to call this whole "Jet Black" thing on the carpet for a moment.  To call this mascara jet black is a stretch of Go Go Gadget proportions.  It is just black and not a super duper deep black at that.  Even though I don't think it deserves the Jet Black label I do think it is about as dark black as you should go with your lashes if you are generally light skinned with light or white blond hair and brows and lashes.  For the rest of us it is just a nice normal black that is not overtly anything else like shiny or mucky or charcoal grey or any other potentially negative finish that might describe a mascara.

All in all it's a nice mascara that isn't over the top at all and although it doesn't necessarily WOW me in any way I do like it and enjoy using it.  Any time you don't have a major complain about a product (it flakes or clumps or glops or smears or burns or stinks or dries up too quickly) then in my book that's a win.

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