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Back To School Beauty Essentials - College Edition

It's that time again!  The dreaded back to school time...  Dun Dun Dunnnnnnn...  Actually, for most of you heading back to college and away from parental supervision is super exciting and couldn't get here soon enough.  Whether you are an old pro at back to school shopping for college or this is your first time this will be a well rounded list with all of the essentials you will need.  As you know I am an Independent Avon Representative and I was also a triple major back in my college day.  (Pretty impressive right?)  So basically what I'm saying is I'm old and wise and over educated.  I've been there, done that, and I buy myself lots and lots of stuff including what I'm about to show you today.  Basically I'm a pro on this topic and know what I'm talking about soooooo let's just get to it shall we?

Most important thing straight out of the gate for a college student to keep in their pocket, bookbag, and at their desk is lip balm.  You will be walking and walking and walking, and did I mention walking from hot to cold to warm to humid through rain and snow and sleet and ice in the sun and in the wind and you will need it.  Let's face it.  There is a good chance many of you will get your first kiss in college too, so you may as well be prepared.  My favorites and the most fun for the season are the Halloween themed Flavorful Lip Balms.

I mean seriously!  How awesome are those and even though you are grown up you aren't THAT grown up yet, so why not have a little fun on your lips?

Next you need a great skincare routine.  Yes!  It's official!  You are old enough to start taking proper care of your skin.  A great starter line for normal skin is the Elements Skin Revitalize line.

These products are going to even out your skintone while giving you a more radiant complexion AND they are suitable for sensitive skin, so no worries if you are a skincare first timer.  This will work for you even if you know next to nothing about skincare.
Pay close attention to that 2-in-1 Brightening Eye Roller.  You will need that to reduce the puffy undereye bags from too much studying, not enough sleep, and to brighten the dark circles from all of the hangoverrrrrrr... err... hanging upside down you will be doing every morning when you get up early to do ab curls to keep off the Freshman 10.  Yeah.  Working out.  That's what I meant.  

You are also going to need a great cleanser.  Choose the Elements Moisturizing Cream Cleanser for a lightweight oil-free formula or the Purifying Gel Cleanser for a deeper clean without drying out the skin.

If you are acne prone or tend to breakout from stress you probably should choose the Clearskin Professional line instead of the Skin revitalize line.  It is designed to reduce and help prevent acne blemishes, control surface oil, and the glycolic acid in it helps to retexturize the skin

Let's be honest.  You are a college student.  You are going to have late nights, late mornings, all nighters, and many activities that you might be sworn to secrecy about. You will be rushing from a gym class to a Chemistry lab, going from a sports practice to the student union, sleeping in your makeup, wearing it well past the 24 hour mark, and even possibly having things smeared on it during a hazing ritual which I of course would not know anything about.  In these instances you are going to need something reliable to cleanse yourself off in a pinch.  I would recommend the Elements Refreshing Cleansing Wipes.  They require no water, leave no greasy residue, and are also suitable for sensitive skin.

Preferably you should be using your Moisture Effective Eye Makeup remover Lotion, but I'm a realist.  Order the wipes in bulk.

Speaking of things you need to buy in bulk (the idea here is to not see your parents for a few months which means the money tree is going to probably be out of reach, so take enough to get you through Christmas break) you need lots and lots and lots of  Naturals Antibacterial Mini Hand Gels and a couple of the Mini Antibacterial Holders to go with them.  There should be one attached to your backpack, your keys, your gym bag, your cafeteria pass and anything else you can attach them to.  College kids are gross.  Their mom isn't there to clean up after them, they don't know how to do their own laundry, they sleep on bathroom floors praying to the porcelain gods, and they are virus magnets.  You will encounter more bodily fluids on a college campus than a teacher in the infant room at a daycare.  Trust me!  You need this stuff.

More bulk products... deodorant.  In fact, refer to the previous segment and buy some to share.  You will be doing yourself a favor.

More bulk items.  Everything you need for showering.  (Do NOT be the guy that people are bringing the extra deodorant for.)  I happen to love the Skin So Soft Signature Silk line which has everything you need from body washes to lotions to bath oils to hand creams.

Hair care.  You need shampoos and conditioners.  Take your pick from the Advanced Techniques line and grab yourself a bottle of the 360 Nourish Moroccan Argan Oil Leave-In Treatment (the only item on the page that I received for free while touring the R&D facility during my trip to New York) while your at it.  It will help your hair survive the elements and also keep it shiny and more manageable until you can get home for the holidays and get another trim.

And trust me when I say you are going to be less worried about how you look than you think.  The best hairstyle for the college student is the hassle free updo which means you will need something cute that keeps the flyaways in place while you study.  My pick are the Mark. Hold It Right There Pins.

You need sunscreen, but not necessarily a full body rub down every single day.  I love anything from the Bug Guard Plus line and while you are at it pick up some of the Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Picaridin Towelettes.  They are individually wrapped so you can throw one in your bookbag and just use it when you need it for that unexpected shirts versus skins game of midnight rugby on the quad.

Now we need to talk beauty.  There will be days when you leave the dorm before dawn and don't get back until... well... dawn.  You are going to want your makeup to hold up the entire time.  Enter MagiX Face Perfector your new best friend.

Waterproof mascara.  You will be walking in the wind and rain and cold and you just never know when you will be blindfolded for an experiment in your Experimental Psychology class just to find out after that you walked all over campus the rest of the day with mascara down to your cheekbones from it and not one of the 1200 people you came into contact with had the courage to tell you about it.  True story!  I repeat!  Waterproof Mascara!

Super Drama Waterproof Mascara

You need to have just a little fun so grab the new limited edition fall colors of nail polish.  Sometimes you just need to blow off a little steam with some good old fashioned fun with color.

Nailwear Pro+ in Untamed, Savage, Racy, and Tempted

And now we get super practical.  COMFORTABLE walking shoes!  Go get you some!

Curves for Women Strong and Fit Sneaker 

Stretchy comfortable pants for studying and walking and sitting and sleeping and gaining 10 pounds and... oh you get the picture.

Curves Pant with Support Band

Something warm AND stylish

Wrap and Style Three Pack Scarves

And of course you need practical items for the dorm room like the 3 Section Laundry Tote which is like laundry sorting for dummies AND you can use it to transport the dirty stuff down to the communal laundry room easily, the All-Purpose Caddy to carry your shower items to  the communal bathroom, the Not-to-Forget Doorknob Caddy which is so you (how do I say this nicely?) don't forget to grab your important sh&t, and the Large Cascading Filing System which is perfect for multiple subject organization with easy access and snaps closed for on the go.

AND last but not least if you think we have forgotten the men then see below

You need it?  We've got it!  

So in summary... you need stuff... we've got all that stuff you need... go here to buy it... and HAVE FUN!  The full college experience only happens once, so work hard, meet people, and enjoy every second of it!  See you after finals!

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