Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Day In The Beauty Life - Journal Entry 6-26-13

This morning I woke up just a little after 4:00am.  I had to get up super early because I needed to re-shoot a video I had originally made about 2 weeks ago.  I live in Ohio which is probably one of the most uncomfortable states to live in during the summertime.  It is so humid here that 80 degrees to us feels like 130 degrees in another state.  You can’t truly imagine what 90 or 100 degrees here feels like unless you have experienced it for yourself.  Well, maybe if you can imagine what it would feel like to be trapped in a hot tub or sauna unable to ever get out then you might be able to at least begin to understand it.  Anyhow, when I filmed the video the first time it was morning and  the moisture in the air was beading up on my skin like I was standing in the shower filming.  So this morning I tried to beat the worst of the moisture by being ready before the sun came up and filming just as the light started up over the horizon.  It was still so humid that by the end of the 15 minutes it took to film my hair was already limp and starting to stick to my forehead.  Oh well.  I tried.  That’s the thing about someone obsessed with beauty and fashion.  We will go to great lengths to share information with others who are equally obsessed.  Only another person who enjoys it as much as I do can understand where I’m coming from.  Anyway, in a few days that video will be edited and ready to view and when that happens I will post the link here.  I can already tell you I still won’t be happy with it because there is nothing worse than watching an hour and a half of time spent getting ready melting away before your very eyes and knowing that there is nothing you can do to change it for a few more months.  Now don’t get me wrong… summer is still my favorite time of year, but when it comes to my appearance summer in Ohio certainly does not do me any favors.

I should probably also mention that part of getting ready included injecting two different products into my daily routine.  As you may or may not know, I am Avon’s Northeast Regional Makeup Maven contest winner and an Avon Color Brand Ambassador.  For the month of June I enlisted the help of one of the Division winners and created an #AvonColorLottery which was designed to challenge them to try new things in more ways than one every day for the entire month.  This week I am using this platform to show them how trying two new and randomly selected products in their daily routine could be a way to push their own boundaries.  The products randomly chosen and used today were the Glimmersticks eye liner in Cosmic Brown and the Glazewear lip gloss in Clear.  I snapped a few photos of the products on my face, took some time to create a photo collage and loaded it to share.  I may as well show you also.

Up next are suggestions via email for possible revisions of my bio that is going up somewhere (I don’t exactly know where) soon.  There is nothing more odd than writing and reading about yourself in the third person.

Checked the mail.  Looks like tomorrow I will be trying Origins GinZing Energy-boosting moisturizer for the first time.  I’m always interested in good paraben free products so we will see how it goes.

One of the downsides of being a beauty and fashion fanatic is that many of the daily duties in the incessant need to stay on top of the most up to date trends require you to remain relatively sedentary and glued to social media.  In order to try and avoid the beauty blogger spread (like how I did that?  I changed the word secretary to beauty blogger… oh nevermind) I try to work on a few sit down activities in a row and then take a break to do something that gets my heartbeat and my breathing pumping full force.  The irony in this is that you have to forgo any sort of real fashion for workout clothes (at least I’m not in my pajamas) and the hair that you spent time doing goes up and the makeup you are wearing gets worn off and you really can’t be seen in public today or no one will take you seriously when you say you are working in the beauty industry because you look a mess.  This is also the one job where there is no real professional name that describes what you do and when you use the term “beauty blogger” in an attempt to wrap up the multiple jobs you actually do with a nice little bow trying to explain it because we don’t yet have an appropriate term for self-employed vlogger/sales person/public persona/motivational speaker/stylist/personal shopper/writer/recruiter/advertiser/brand/critic/amateur filmmaker/photographer/actor/script writer/entrepreneur/etc., not only do people’s heads tip to the side in confusion like a dog who has just heard a curiously high pitched noise, but your high IQ and triple major and years of management and work history basically get flushed down the toilet because all they understand is “Oh… she likes lipstick… isn’t that cute.”  Surprisingly enough a beauty girl will often be found doing something like spending two hours of her evening on a marketing webinar call.    In fact, that is exactly what I did from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.  It’s not all lipstick.  Luckily I find marketing interesting as well.

My next required sitting down activity involves writing a blog post on my Avon website.  I often forget to update this blog I think mainly because it has limitations and absolutely no bells and whistles to speak of.  I have taken measures to change my negligent behavior by writing it down in my standard to-do list and am making a conscious effort to stop forgetting.  I will link it here if you are interested in taking a peek.  (You will notice that links here will always show up in another color so anytime you see that color it’s a good idea to click there and see what you might have otherwise missed.)  I will give you a hint about today’s blog topic.  It has to do with the first revolution in the way mascara is applied in AT LEAST 50 years.

Before I can go to bed I have to edit today's video.  This one is on products I have completely used up and whether I would repurchase them again or not.  Who isn’t curious about what might be in someone else’s trash?


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