Friday, January 18, 2013

Sinful Colors Professional - Frenzy #922

I have a lot of nail polish and by a lot I mean a LOT.  Sometimes deciding what color to wear can be a bit of a chore, so to avoid any decision making responsibility I have put together a storage and rotation routine that ensures every bottle of polish will eventually get some lovin'.  This week the lucky rotation winner was a bottle from Sinful Colors Professional called Frenzy #922.  It is a gorgeous clear polish with fuchsia pink and  light cornflower blue micro glitter packed into it which you can see below.

Oddly enough I only have one polish from Sinful Colors which I plan to rectify immediately, so due to my lack of Sinful Colors options I tend to use this polish a bit more often than some others that I have.  The problem is that it still isn't often enough to remember exactly how it performs on the nails or even what polish I used it with last.  Now nail polish buffs will know that not all glitter polishes are alike and even though I was fairly certain that this one did in fact have a clear polish base to it I wasn't confident enough in my memory to be able to choose exactly how I wanted to wear it.  Some glitter polishes have a colored polish base and are designed to be worn alone while others are really only intended to be worn over another color and just would not look that impressive on their own.  So, because I wasn't prepared to make a decision of this magnitude on my own I delved back into my storage and rotation routine to pull the next polish brand in the rotation and the first color in that rotation that I knew would be a safe choice under the Sinful Colors glitter bomb spectacular.  The lucky winner was an Avon Nailwear Pro polish in the color Luxe Lavender.  Then I decided since my memory wasn't so great that it would be a good idea to use a few colors and experiment so that maybe in the future when my Sinful Colors bottle of Frenzy came back up in the rotation I might have a stronger recollection of how it performed.  I decided to stick with the same color category since I do plan to be seen in public at some point over the next few days and need to look like the respectable adult with 14 years in the business that I am and chose a few more bottles a varying purple hues.  These are the colors I came up with from left to right; Sinful Colors - Frenzy, Avon Nailwear Pro - Luxe Lavender, Ulta Salon Formula - Tutu cute, Wet n Wild Megalast - On A Trip, and Avon Nailwear Pro - Midnight Plum.

This is the result of my experimentation.  Please excuse my messy cuticles.  I typically don't spend too much time cleaning up the edges.  Rather, I just let the polish wear off on its own over the first 24 hours in order to protect my sensitive skin.

Two coats of Frenzy over a bare nail. 

One coat of Frenzy over two coats of Luxe Lavender.

One coat of Frenzy over two coats of Tutu Cute.

One coat of Frenzy over two coats of On A Trip.

One coat of Frenzy over two coats of Midnight Plum.

I have to say that even though the light shades of purple are refreshing and very springlike I think I prefer the Frenzy over the Midnight Plum the most.  The deep deep tones really provide a strong base that lets the fuchsia colored glitter really pop.  What color should I try it over next?

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