Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Journey to Me-Dom

Sometimes when we try to commit to new habits our old habits fall by the wayside.  Often these old habits weren't the best for us anyway.  An example of this would be focusing your energy on eating more fruits and vegetables and less fat and logging the foods you eat in a food journal each day.  Sometimes though we commit so much of our energy and focus towards making sure we follow through with our new commitments that we lose sight of old habits that were important to our lives and our success.  Sometimes once we have conquered the new tasks we set for ourselves we have to go back and recommit to the old tasks we have slighted in order to turn the new tasks into a routine.  This next week is about recommitting our time, energy, and focus to the things that we were once better at that matter to our lives and are too important to be forgotten.

This week I will be recommitting.  For the last few weeks I have been focused.  I have been focused on weekly challenges.  I have been focused on sharing my journey.  I have been focused on touching base with you all every Tuesday and starting new challenges and new habits weekly that I feel are important to living my best life.  In order to make the entire process a habit I had to sacrifice my energies elsewhere and direct them fully into this new process.  Now that I have become relatively consistent about my Tuesday life challenges I have to recommit to the other 6 days of the week.  I have to refocus and commit energy into blogging the way I used to while still continuing to move forward with these weekly posts that make up our journey together.  Now that I know for sure I can handle the weekly challenges I have to get back to some of my old fashioned ways of blogging during the rest of the week.  I have to continue to challenge myself each Tuesday but still bring you the beauty and fashion related posts that were used to here and there throughout the week.  I have to recommit to my old style while continuing my commitment to the new style.  So, this week I will be focused on bringing even more content to my blog.  Some of you might need to recommit to your work as well.  Some might need to recommit to your spouses.   Some might need to recommit time to your kids, or your parents, or charity work, volunteering, exercise, the possibilities are endless.  What will you be recommitting to this week?  Life is full of commitments and it all boils down to finding balance.  This is all a part of the journey.  This is my journey to Me-Dom.

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