Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Journey to Me-Dom

Well, last week was a flop... not because I didn't eat green leafy vegetables with hot sauce, but because I got off track on just about all of my routines.  I had an extremely busy week that threw off my normal daily routine in general.  We had one extremely windy night, the kind of loud howling wind that is impossible to sleep through, that set off a disastrous domino effect that ruined 5 nights of sleep in a row.  I suffered a few reactions to different things that made me sick here and there and also threw off parts of my schedule and my energy levels in general.  All in all it was a jumbled up, unfocused, off schedule, unpredictable week and my focus on life improvements flew straight out the window.  The good news is that it is completely ok.  I am on my way to getting back on track and one week is not the end of the world.  We often let little failures paralyze us when it comes to things we should do better for ourselves.  We get down on ourselves.  We beat ourselves up over it.  We sort ourselves into the failure category and leave ourselves there.  We decide we can't do it, that success is out of our reach.  Then we stop trying all together and sentence ourselves to a life that we don't feel proud of.  Well, I'm not about to do that.  One week of chaos is not the end of the world.  It is a chance to start over, refocus, and renew my energy towards my goals.  If you have been following along and stumbling don't sweat it.  Get up, brush off, and push ahead.  If you have been reading along but not doing, then now is the perfect time to start doing.  If you have been plugging along on your own journey successfully this whole time then give yourself a little pat on the back and relish in your success.  This week there isn't a new challenge.  This week is a buy week which means I'm giving myself this week to regroup and get back on the habit train.  Take this week to refocus if you need it, to challenge yourself for the first time if you need to, or to enjoy your success without any additional pressure or challenges and just reinforce the good habits you are establishing.  After all, life is about the big picture, the journey, and this is my journey.  We all have our own journeys.  This is my journey to Me-Dom.

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