Monday, September 3, 2012

Love It or Leave It?

The look is being referred to as “Granny Chic” and consists of heavy fabrics, dated prints, giant stovepipe hats, uniform style folded down ankle socks, pilgrim shoes, and giant knits.  I’m curious what you think about it.  I personally hate the hats and the pilgrim shoes.  Folded down socks should only exist hidden underneath pants.  The cut of the garments are only going to flatter the thinnest and most boyish of women, ( I mean who wants to look even more wide at their already widest part?) and the prints and fabrics aren’t doing them any favors either.  I don’t mind the giant knits actually, but I can live without the giant bobby pin adornments.  (Come on people!  The 90’s were not THAT long ago!  Been there, done that.  Come up with something new already!)  This particular look is by Marc Jacobs, and here is where you get to weigh in on it.  So tell me… Love it?  Or Leave it?

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