Saturday, January 7, 2012

Laura Geller Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner Duo - Black & Purple

Laura Geller's new product launch for 2012!  Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner Duo in black and purple priced at $33.

 When I opened the box I was actually surprised to find that you receive two completely separate containers of product (2.3 ml each).  You get one individual inkwell shaped bottle of the black and one of the purple.  (The above picture shows the black on the left and the purple on the right.)  I was surprised by this because I think the shape of the box had me envisioning a wide oval shaped pot divided in half to keep the colors separate from each other.  Once I got over my surprise I realized that the separate containers is a bonus because it makes the product much more portable and provides you with a separate brush for each color.

 Once you remove the lids the pots resemble most other gel liner pots.  The above picture shows the black on the left and the purple on the right.  I was a bit surprised by the product consistency as well although I'm not really sure why.  I think the inkwell style bottle threw me off as it resembles the style of container that many liquid liners can be found in.  I also usually expect a gel liner to be a bit more moist or gel-like in the pot.  These liners have the consistency of a dryer cream to powder eye shadow.

 Each container comes with it's own brush contained in the lid.  If you pop the top half of the lid off out comes a small flat eye liner brush.  The brush can then be used as is or if you prefer a longer handle to your brushes you can instead turn it so the brush points upwards and then snap it back into place in the cap and use the entire cap as an extended brush handle.  The above picture shows the brush separated on the right and snapped together with the extended brush handle on the left.

 If you are the type of person who likes a harsh thick solid black liquid liner then this product may not be for you.  What you get with these gel liners is a smokier softer affect around the eye.  The above photo shows the black liner on the left and the purple on the right.  The black liner does go on a bit darker in fewer swipes while the purple liner requires a bit more product and a bit more work to create an opaque line over the eye, but the finished affect is very nice and soft while still being smokey and sexy at the same time.  If you are someone who typically shies away from color there is just no need with this shade of purple.  It is a soft almost eggplant shade of purple that would suit any eye color without appearing too over-the-top.

A photo taken in the sunlight shows that the black is more matte while the purple has a lovely iridescence to it that can really only be seen in direct sunlight.  The only drawback I see with these liners is that they aren't really as waterproof as one might hope.  With a dry finger and a harsh rub the product will wear off slightly although it doesn't really smear which is good because that means it also doesn't really transfer onto your eyelid during wear time.  However, if you lick... I mean wet... your finger and rub again the product can be rubbed almost completely off.  This isn't really what I think of when I think of a waterproof product, but the upside is that I also can't imagine these products running down your face in a rain storm either.  The dry consistency that creates that cream to powder type feel just isn't suited for trickling down the face in a colored filled stream.  This also means that it won't require some fancy surgical procedure or expensive products or anything resembling sandpaper to remove it either which in my book is a bonus.  All in all I'd say these will quickly become a goto product for me.  They are just too easy to use and perfect for the everyday makeup wearer.

Watch Laura explain the product herself here
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  1. Very nice. I enjoyed reading this. I am waiting for mine to arrive. I didn't order it right away when it was first on. I havent worn eyeliner in years and was a little afraid of looking old and harsh.
    We shall see when it arrives 1-10-12
    Thanks, great information.

    1. You are very welcome! I think you will enjoy this very much. It's very easy to make it soft and smokey. The perfect product for a less dramatic look. Thanks so much for stopping by!