Monday, November 22, 2010

AVON Black Suede Cologne Spray

Before we even get too far along you might be wondering why I am blogging about a scent that has been around since the dawn of time. Well, it's because right now you can get a 3-piece set for $9.99 when the full size cologne is normally $17.50 alone. When a cologne lasts just as long as the high-end options at a price of $17.50 and then comes in a set with 2 extra products for under $10 it is DEFINITELY worth paying attention to.
I have been wearing Black Suede for the past 2 weeks and yes I am a FEMALE. Shocking!!! I know! While this scent is designed for men, it is definitely soft enough for a woman and is the perfect scent for the woman who loves more of a masculine scent or doesn't enjoy extremely sweet or floral scents targeted towards women. Don't get me wrong...this is definitely a man's scent and has a smell that could be compared to the likeness of Obsession For Men. My point is to never limit yourself just because a bottle states the product is "for men." If you like the way it smells use it.
AVON describes this cologne as "a rich, smooth scent with sweet mossy tones and spicy accents against a background of amber, woods & musk" and as "an oriental scent infused with spices and vanilla to project sexiness and depth."
I will say that Black Suede is primarily a musk with a hint of warmth and a hint of spice and a mild sweetness that keeps it soft and very wearable in any situation. This is the scent I would recommend to the individual that considers themselves sensitive to fragrances. While you can always apply one pump too many, this fragrance is hard to screw up. It is perfect for the holiday/cold weather season but light enough to be worn in the summer and to the office. It is also an inviting scent for evening and still soft enough for during the day.
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