Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Revlon Beach

Revlon's Beach nail polish...what to say about it? Arguably one of the most interesting nail polish colors available from the summer 2010 collections. Beach is a color you will either love or love to hate.

Two coats provides the perfect amount of color and shine while still allowing light to permeate the nail tips. Beach is also one of the colors Revlon marketed as scented when dry. As my nails began to dry from the first coat I started to smell what seemed to be the fragrance of limes, but as time passed I began to realize that it wasn't a citrus scent at all, but a floral. Is it rose? Is it lavender? I'm not exactly sure. While the floral notes do become obvious there is just a slight tinge of underlying typical nail polish smell that does contaminate the perfumed scent slightly. It is a scent that I can recall, but just can't quite place my finger on. While I'm not much of a fan of this type of a floral scent in most cases, and it isn't a smell that I wouldn't necessarily say I'm drawn to, I can say with utmost certainty that it is much more lovely than the smell of nail polish that normally clings day after day after day.

Why did Revlon name this particular chartreuse color Beach? That I am uncertain of. While it is easily a bright and summery color this shade doesn't really remind me of a beach straightaway. It isn't the color of sand or water or sun or any of the other objects one typically thinks of when they hear the word beach. What is does remind me of is one of the bright colors that might be found in a multicolored striped beach umbrella you see scattered over the sand at many beaches. I happen to be using it as a bright variation on the standard fall colors we see every year leading into October.

Is Revlon's Beach the nail color for you? That question you will have to answer for yourself. My advise...buy it. It is unusual and fun and bright and is a color that not everyone will have. Why not make a statement?

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