Monday, May 10, 2010

Product I regret buying

I'm not that picky of a shopper when it comes to cosmetics and rarely am I ever disappointed. Unfortunately, my winning streak has come to a screeching halt. What product can cause such a normally unbiased shopper to feel such disappointment you ask? The E.L.F. Eye Widener found at and select stores including Kmart.
The product description from the website states "Apply this creamy white pencil along upper lash line, and on the inside of lower lids for a look that makes your eyes appear bigger and more noticeable."
Let me start by saying there are quite a few reasons I was attracted to this product. First, white liners on the bottom waterline work to make the eyes appear bigger and whiter and more fresh and awake looking. Second, the product costs $1. Third, the product come with a pencil sharpener built into the cap. Fourth, because it has a built in sharpener it is perfect for throwing in your purse for on the go applications.
Unfortunately, this product stinks. I have to say normally my response would be "Oh well, it was only a dollar anyway so no big deal." Not this time. I was so excited to try the pencil I ripped it open in my car and began to try and apply it to my waterline. I tried and I tried and I tried and I tried some more. The liner was not applying at all. The pencil is extremely hard, so I decided to apply it vigorously to the back of my hand to warm up the tip and "get it started" so to speak. Attempt number 2...nothing. The pencil was still entirely too hard to get any product on the waterline and quite frankly was not even getting product on the edge in the lash line. So...I rushed home. Why you ask? To grab a lighter and heat it up of course! This trick worked wonders on hard liners in the 80's. No liner could stand the test of a good cigarette lighter and this one couldn't possibly be any different. Wrong! While the tip did melt the way a liner over a flame typically should it STILL did not apply any product to the waterline even in it's drippy soft state. At this point I would normally say "Oh well, for one dollar I can still use it above the eye as a normal white liner", but honestly, even for a dollar this pencil is so hard that I'd rather just spend a little more and get a different white liner and spare my eyelids the pulling and tugging I know they will suffer. I hate to say it but this is a fail for E.L.F. One of very few fails, but a fail none-the-less. Sorry E.L.F. but this one needs more work...even for $1.

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  1. thanks for the review :) now i know not to buy this product :)