Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What I Hate About Magazine Product Placement.

I don't know about everyone else, but if there is one thing I can't stand about magazine product usage and advertising it is that it seems every time I find something I love I find that it has been sold out for months. For example; in the January 2010 issue of Glamour magazine on p. 6 I fell in love with the bag Sarah Jessica Parker is swinging in such a carefree way in her cute little party dress. It is a bag designed by Juniper Rose for Donna Karen, and the magazine indicated it could be found at Once I saw this marvelous little treasure I was on the hunt, so of course the first place I looked was the aforementioned website. I searched and searched. I looked at every bag available on the website. I also searched using the words Juniper Rose and Donna Karen respectively. I of course found nothing. Next I thought that maybe the bag wasn't yet available which leads me to the notion that if it isn't available in January then don't advertise it until the month in which it will be available. As my frustration begins to mount I then begin a google search and am lucky enough to hit on what appears to be another blogger's post that is informing me that the bag which costs approximately $2300 not only is sold out, but has been sold out since November!!! My first thoughts are who is crazy enough to pay $2300 for a bag with some chains on it that isn't made out of pure solid gold?!? My next thought is why did someone marketing for Donna Karen spend money to have a bag that hasn't been available for months advertised in the January magazine anyway during a recession especially?!? My third thought was if the bag was donated to the accessories closet of Glamour magazine and there was not a monetary donation to get Sarah Jessica to swing the bag so freely on the full page spread, then why doesn't Glamour magazine (who is supposed to be on top of current fashion and trends) know that this particular bag hasn't been available for months?!? I also thought that it might be a fail on the part of the above mentioned website as well with regards to poor advertisement planning. Talk about frustrated! Luckily I was quickly able to remind myself that there is no way I'm ever going to pay $2300 for a bag anyway. Then I decided why not find a much more affordable replacement? What better way to spend an afternoon than handbag shopping anyway? I'm sure i will find a replacement that is much more affordable and forget all about this Juniper Karen Donna ??? handbag anyway. See! I've already forgotten.

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